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The View

July 30, 2010


The President went on the View and told everybody that the economy is not as bad as people say. His plan is working and should continue to work. But the new numbers just released today paint a very different picture. The Commerce Dept. report states the recession is deeper that previously estimated. And unemployment numbers […]

Fighting Illegals

July 28, 2010


So now the White House has just won it’s court battle with Arizona. And here we go. All the crazies are out in force. I just love it when people who were not born here tell me all about what is an American response or what is the American way of doing things. They all […]

Start Putting Your Foot Down

July 15, 2010


I’ve had enough. What the hell do I owe to any black man in this country? I am the second generation born in this country, of dirt poor immigrants. What the hell do I owe any man in this country? Or any other country for that matter. I think it’s a fair question. So I’ll […]

The 14th Amendment

July 9, 2010


The Pro side of this argument is , as they will tell you, crystal clear. If you are born in the USA , then you are a U.S. citizen. And this sounds right to most people. But did the law consider the current conditions of how the law is being tested? Today we have people […]

The new American Joke

July 7, 2010


Illegal immigrants have rights. More so then anyone who is a law bidding citizen of the USA. This is not brain surgery. Who has more rights? The legal citizen of a country or someone who is in the country illegally?  This Administration and all the people who support this are telling you that the laws […]

Send an email now……

July 2, 2010


Right now is the time to stand up and be counted. This time, it doesn’t matter if your a Democrat or a Republican. 80 billion dollars is being put into the wars and disaster relief Bill. But wait , not so true. By most accounts the Bill was has grown 22 billion dollars for domestic […]