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Liberals Again

October 28, 2010


Joy and the View crew speak volumes about the real problems in America. They have no problem saying any stupid or hurtful thing they want. But if someone should give them a small taste back, well walking off stage does come to mind. If you don’t watch the View or the news you may not […]


October 27, 2010


Before we get into voting we need to put so rules into play. This is America. We vote our elected officials into and out of office. We’ve paid a very steep price for this right to choose. The mistake many of us will make in November is that we think our vote doesn’t count. Well […]


October 26, 2010


Oh to liberal in this country. WMD’s were not found in Iraq, and that was all on, Bush. Problems with the economy, that is all on Bush. Problems with heath care in this country? Well by now you can guess, Bush. Everything else wrong, the Republicans. Every time a Republican says something, it get twisted […]