The 14th Amendment

Posted on July 9, 2010


The Pro side of this argument is , as they will tell you, crystal clear. If you are born in the USA , then you are a U.S. citizen. And this sounds right to most people. But did the law consider the current conditions of how the law is being tested? Today we have people crossing the border illegally for the sole purpose of having a baby in this country. They know by doing so , they can take advantage of the U.S. and be given automatic rights and benefits. We are not talking about a few people, who because of low moral standards or disregard  for anyone but themselves, take advantage of something.  We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people here. Any argument over the law, needs to include a strong debate over how to handle someone’s willful abuse of the law. And here is where we all lose. Some will take the side of all these people and their babies and they will have a face and a name for their fight. But what about all the people who want to do the same? They would like to have their baby in the USA. Born at a hospital maybe somewhere in Texas, where they can receive the best medical care. But because of the fact that they are law-abiding people who also have a strong moral character , refuse to break the law and refuse to burden someone else with their personal condition.

As people of this country we need to place a very high standard on who we will give citizenship to. And we have a system that does just that. And anyone who tries to undermine that system should be dealt with on a individual basis. But when those numbers become so large that it becomes impossible to do that, that should be a sign that there is abuse going on.

Putting this story into a different light may help you see it better. What if you were hungry? There is a store that opens at 7, but it’s now 3 am. Should you wait, like most would do? Or should you break in and feed yourself? After getting caught, should you receive a reward for doing what you did? Now remember, the rest of all the people who waited for the store to open will now have to wait longer to enter this store because of the cleaning up and all the police activity . And this is exactly what is happening to all the people who want to do what’s right and come to this country legally. Those who want to obey the laws and who want to do what’s right. They all now have to wait longer because someone jumped in front of them and took their rightful spot. And everyone of those people who did that, jumped the line, have hurt this country and have hurt the chances of someone else ever getting what they have been patiently waiting for.

This whole legal battle has many flaws. The biggest is simply getting a reward for doing something that is illegal and very unfair to all other people involved. And that is the legal , illegal battle we face in this country. We all want to help. But who deserves that help? Who is really entitled to receive all the benefits this country has to offer? And what do we tell all the people who we are hurting everyday? Those that want to do it, but do it the right way. Legally.

This is probably the dumbest argument we can ever have in this country. Use some common sense. Who do you want to help here? People who are willing to break the law and abuse the system for their own personal gain? Or people who are willing to work within the law and sacrifice, hoping that someday they will be able to reach their goal. In the story above you can either be the store owner or the patron who waited for the store to open. Is it really fair that, whatever side you take, your going to be inconvenienced because of one person? No matter how hungry you may be, you do not have the right to break the law, abuse the system or hurt anyone else’s chances of getting food.

People who enter this country illegally hurt everyone. People who come here just to have their baby, again hurt all people. And no one should be rewarded for this behavior. The 14 th  Amendment was crafted for a reason. It was not crafted with the intention, that people one day would use every means necessary to abuse what it stands for.

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