Start Putting Your Foot Down

Posted on July 15, 2010


I’ve had enough. What the hell do I owe to any black man in this country? I am the second generation born in this country, of dirt poor immigrants. What the hell do I owe any man in this country? Or any other country for that matter. I think it’s a fair question. So I’ll answer it. What I owe is the basic beliefs and rights that I’d like for myself. Doesn’t seem all the complex. I don’t need it explained to me by anyone. But there is a lot that does need explaining. First of all, I’m an American. I’m not a color or shade of an American. I live in a country , that may not be perfect, but there is nowhere else I’d rather be. For years I lived in a place where common sense and the rule of law was accepted by almost everyone. And for those that did not follow some basic rules, there was a system in place for them.

I’ve seen a lot of things change in my lifetime. But now everything is starting to run backwards. Groups of people going to the funerals of military members killed in action, to protest and burn an American flag. Black radicals preaching over a megaphone on city streets to kill “white crackers” and their “cracker babies”. Open intimidation at voting stations. The NAACP condemning the Tea Party as racists. And not having anything to say about a black man beaten up because he was a Tea Party Member. I have illegal immigrants telling me that my moral compass needs an adjustment. And the president of Mexico suing one of our fifty states, like he has every right to do it.

Here are all the things I really don’t need. White supremacists telling me that all people of color don’t deserve to live here. Purity of race my ass. Join the human race and shut up. Blacks talking shit about killing “crackers and there babies”. If your not being put down by every group out there, then they are just as guilty as you are. Protesters at a funeral of anyone, let alone an American Soldier, you need to be condemned by every living breathing person and animal on the planet. And burning The Flag, just remember the door is open and you can and should leave here as soon as possible. If your not happy here , then get the hell out. And as for any foreign government suing this country over it’s laws or how their people are being treated. Well your option is to do two things. One would be to get your people the hell out of here and get them home. And as for thinking that you have any right or business telling any other country how to conduct themselves and question there laws in court, maybe this is why people are leaving your country. You seem to be troubled by things that are not your concern and not looking to your business at hand. In short, your priorities are all F’ed up and you need to fix that. And for the record. People who sneak onto a plane and then expect a seat are just as F’ed up as their President. You , just like everyone in the world have human rights. But your not better and your not entitled to more than your fair share. You also have the expectation to play by the rules.

Some things in life are just wrong. You have the right to burn the flag because many many people before you made sacrifices to give you that right. So using it to dishonor those same people should never be tolerated. And just so you know. Because you can do something, is never an answer for you to do it. You’d think by now the name calling would be over and people could just work together to make things better. But that is not the case. And why is that? Because a few fringe groups make more noise that all the sane people do. And more to the point, normal people won’t condemn these  groups for doing what they do. But like all of the groups mentioned above, If your not happy here, get the F out. I’m sure not one American would care if the Government used some of the stimulus money to get you on a plane out of here.

This form of accepted insanity has to stop. Yes you can burn the flag. And yes you can say what you want. And yes you can even protest at a funeral. That doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it acceptable. We live a society of rules and laws. We live a world of right and wrong. And acting like a dysfunctional child in a grown up body does not change all of that. It’s time to put our collective foot down and put an end to some of this nonsense. Look back through history and see some of the things that have happened because most of the people didn’t just say, enough!!

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