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Posted on July 2, 2010


Right now is the time to stand up and be counted. This time, it doesn’t matter if your a Democrat or a Republican. 80 billion dollars is being put into the wars and disaster relief Bill. But wait , not so true. By most accounts the Bill was has grown 22 billion dollars for domestic spending.  It started at 58 billion dollars.

Maybe it’s time to tell Congress, that from now on , you want them to vote on one thing at a time. NO MORE HIDDEN SPENDING.

You now have 10 billion dollars going to make sure teachers will keep their jobs. You don’t think that maybe that calls for some debate? Have we all grown numb to the amount of money, in BILLIONS. just leaves Washington? Just because you belong to a Political Party doesn’t mean you can’t speak out if you see something wrong. Maybe the best thing that could happen is someone tells you that your no longer a , this or a that. We all have brains and we all have the ability and common sense to form an opinion. Why is 10 billion dollars just being tossed out there? Why are we now bailing out a small group of workers in this country? And what did those teachers do that they need this bailout? Did they exhaust every option? Did they give up raises in their contract? Did they offer to pay into their health fund? Did they accept a pay freeze?

I am not arguing against teachers. This has more to do with SPENDING AND BAILOUTS. Lets use some common sense here. This country is shoulder high in debt. When will it stop? If you don’t like what you see, then it may be time for a change. Write your Congressman or Congresswoman and tell them the truth. It doesn’t matter if you want the teachers to get the money or not. That’s not the point. Do you really want to think that money is being spent somewhere, when in reality it is going to places you never knew? Don’t you think that 10 BILLION DOLLARS, of your money, going to one place , should at least be discussed?

Your Elected Officials just took from your pocket and your child’s pocket, 10 billion dollars. Are we all asleep or something? SEND THESE PEOPLE AN EMAIL. NOW!!!! Tell them you want them to pass the Bill for the wars and disaster relief, and that is it. As for the other stuff in the Bill right now. Tell them to do their job and earn their money. Vote on it , one at a time,  so we all know, where, why  and how , we are becoming so deep in debt.

If your a normal American that is still breathing, then now is the time to start to make a change. Contact your representatives now, and force them to vote on one Bill at a time. If you ran a company that was swimming in debt, wouldn’t you at least want to know what you were spending money on? Wouldn’t you want to control the spending?

Stop the insanity. Let your voice be heard. Write your Senator today. Tell them the truth. And tell them you want the truth. And tell them a Bill that includes money for two wars and a relief fund, is already big enough. The rest of the baggage attached to this Bill,  will have to wait it’s turn.

The 4th of July is coming up. Make our founding fathers proud. Start to take back your country. One Bill at a time. Learn to follow the money.

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