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Working for a living

July 31, 2011


If any of you ever worked for a company and had to explain how you went over budget and no real means of picking up the extra money, YOU’D BE FIRED. Simple as that. If you were being paid to do a job and at every opportunity presented to you, you ran it till the […]

Budget Deal

July 21, 2011


News is getting out that the President and House Majority Leader are nearing the time when they will present a solid deal to Congress. This deal seems to focus on spending cuts and seek future revenues through a tax overhaul. ┬áDon’t lose sight of the ball here. Raising the debt ceiling has to be done. […]

The Debt

July 14, 2011


All the debt talk is now reached a new low. Even for Congress. There will be no labels put forth here. But name calling and questioning a persons metal health, or even if they have a right to be in the negotiations is about enough. I have a plan that will make most Americans really […]

Justice for All

July 7, 2011


The biggest problem in America today is the incompetence of people put in charge of representing the State. And the people who allow them to continue to be there. The Florida trial of Casey Anthony proves that point. The only person who could have done it has been found not guilty. And there is only […]