Fighting Illegals

Posted on July 28, 2010


So now the White House has just won it’s court battle with Arizona. And here we go. All the crazies are out in force. I just love it when people who were not born here tell me all about what is an American response or what is the American way of doing things. They all speak the same lines. It’s totally Un- American to ask people for papers or to ask them their legal status. It’s also Un-American to want to stop people who are here illegally from working and having a better way of life.

First of all, stop  telling me about what America is and isn’t. Your illegally here and you don’t have the right to make or pass judgement on MY COUNTRY.  If someday you become a citizen then you can speak. And another thing. Your here illegally, you broke the law, an personally I don’t give a shit about your reasons for doing it. In truth, you are not supposed to be here and you are. And that my friend is a big problem.

And while were at it, stop telling me all about what America is all about. You really don’t know shit about that. If you knew anything about this country you’d know that breaking the law here is no way to win over the hearts and minds of it’s people. This attitude you have about doing whatever you want because your deserving of a better life is crap. Look at your own country for proof. Your attitude has turned it into a lawless shit hole where everyone and everything is corrupt. And now your coming here and doing the same thing.

We now want to argue over people showing legal papers or proper ID. Well again, a big FU. I have to do it a an American, but your not going to have to do it because it would be racist?

A bunch of teens are driving in a car with a broken taillight they get pulled over and it leads to a search of the car and it’s occupants. That happens everyday in every town in America. But you want special treatment. It should never happen to you. Bullshit!!! You want to be here, then your subject to the same rules, laws and police actions that everyone else is. Welcome to my real America. The police have a job here. And they do it pretty well. Unlike your country, they are here to protect us. All of us. Do something wrong and get caught and you have to pay the price. IT’S AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE.

I’ll say it again. You don’t like the way your treated here? GET THE HELL OUT !!!

And as for all the people in this country that insist on fighting for the rights of illegals, keep it up. More than sixty percent of Americans are feed up with all of this nonsense. And at this rate, your going to push the rest of the country into resenting the absolute double standard they want to live by. I’ve never thought the worst of these people, but now I do. Your here because you broke the law to get here. Your screwing every American out of tax money, from medical to education. And you don’t want to play by the laws or rules of a civilized society. Your here to get all you can at no cost to you and your here to screw up MY COUNTRY just like you did yours. The truth is , if you break it down to the lowest common denominator, you broke the law when you came here. You screwed over your own people who are waiting their turn on a list to come here. And you screwed over your own country by leaving and not staying and making it a better place to live. And now your here trying to change all the rules and screw this country up just like you did yours. My vote would be simple, get out. Your not wanted or needed and your really not the type of person who any American would pick to be a citizen of this country.

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