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Posted on July 28, 2018


There are things that need to be said. And I’m going to say them. You can agree or disagree. But its been awhile and now it’s time to get some facts and opinions straight.

First off, America needs a strong economy. We need the population of this country working and being able to find work. Is there anyone who would argue that? Is there one American who wouldn’t say yes to that statement?

We also need and we should have, better trade deals making it not easier, but more fair to keep people working and producing products make in America.

Now I’m not sure how someone could object to that. American products are either banned completely or have been taxed at rates that make it virtually impossible to sell our goods overseas. Couple that with low tariffs on products coming into this country and you have a recipe for disaster for American Workers and manufacturing.

This has resulted in two things. Loss of jobs in this country and a smaller manufacturing base and the growth of foreign economies that unfairly have closed down this country and built up theirs.

Another thing that should be said. How long are we going to allow crime by illegals to harm Americans? It’s just a question. But I’m pretty clear on this. Whether it’s one or one hundred a year, Not one of those people would have been or could have been robbed, raped or murdered or killed if we didn’t allow people illegally living here.

That again seems like a no brainer to me. Those crimes were totally preventable and would have never happened. This whole situation about good ones or bad ones is irrelevant. Something needs to be done to stop illegals from entering and protect Americans.

Come here legally. Don’t take advantage or live under the radar. You want to be here, make the effort to prove that. How in the world is that something anyone could be against? How uncomplicated is that? People have been doing it for over 200 years and the system works.

The next one is beginning to make my blood boil. How does someone here illegally in this country produce a child and that makes them an American? By what logic or reality is that somehow normal? Born to illegal parents does not make someone legal. It makes them the offspring of people here illegally. If somehow I’m not understanding this, maybe it can be pointed out.

Simple logic or dare I say, Common Sense, does not and cannot make the child an American. This is some fantasy. It’s simply a perversion of everything fair and decent. It also hurts all Americans. It’s just wrong and nothing you can ever argue will ever make it right.

This one touches close to home for me. Until you have had a child that has gotten caught up in the world of illegal drugs, you will never understand. So I’ll ask the only question I can. Why? Why are drugs like heroin and the rest so easily available?                                            The war on drugs has been going on my whole life it seems. We all talk a good line and pat ourselves on the back. But the reality is that last year death from overdose eclipsed the murder rate in this country for the first time. Some war we declared all those years ago. We went after the drug companies and doctors to restrict dispensing pain medication. But have done very little to stop organized dealer or gangs from cutting off their supply of products.

So who is in favor of protecting these dealers of death? Who doesn’t want to stop these poison pushers? Apparently more people that you could imagine. The drug heroin is available in every city or town in America. And apparently its a big booming business. I watched as a dealer used a cab to make a special delivery to a neighbor.                                 Drug Cartels from Mexico have been slowly infiltrating everywhere in America. Setting up shop to distribute their product for years. It’s now to a point where it’s common knowledge and out in the open.

Get rid of ICE? I say double their numbers. Triple them, get the insanity to end.                   Get rid of the Border Patrol? Same, do whatever it takes to end the violence and the drugs. Giving Citizenship to those that do not deserve it is a stupid and obscene.                                      Not demanding your own Government protect it’s own workers with better and more fair trade deals, is lunacy. No one is asking screw any other country. But lets make it fair and equitable to everyone. The very definition of Fair Trade.

Protecting America is and should be anyones first priority. Simply put that means looking after those Citizens who can not longer take care of themselves. Stopping crime. Stopping the flow of drugs. Stopping the violence. And keeping America strong and working. After all of that, we can talk about taking care of others.                                                  If you’re here illegally, get out. If you feel you have a sr=trong case for staying, you have two options. Lose all your benefits or collect them with an I.O.U. to repay them.                            Drug dealers, legally here or illegally here should be sent straight to hell. No questions asked and no mercy.                                                                                                                                         If you have been deported as an illegal and return, cut funding to that country until they take you back and put your ass in jail.

We may not be prefect. But to protect those that shouldn’t be here in the first place is insulting to all of us.                                                                                                                                          Especially to those that have served that need our help now. Seniors who spent a lifetime living and doing their part.  Children who suffer from poverty or worse. The ever growing homeless population and the mentally ill, to name a few.


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