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July 5, 2014


If you’re patient even the most misguided of us will say or do something right. Today the President said, “We are a nation of immigrants”. He couldn’t be more right. Today we celebrate the birth of a nation put together with immigrants from all over the world. But we are more than just that. We […]

The Shutdown ?

October 9, 2013


Due to the recent Government shutdown, all National parks and monuments have been closed down and the American public is being denied access to them. The Government has, over night fenced off, barricaded or put up cones to stop access. Yes, you have that one right, fences have been put up over night. Now yesterday, […]

John Conyers Jr.

February 6, 2013


“I hope no one  uses the term illegal immigrants here today. Our citizens are not — the people  in this country are not illegal. They are are out of status. They are new  Americans that are immigrants,” said Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan  Democrat. You would almost think a person serving in Congress from 1965 […]


February 6, 2013


It’s about time for an old-fashion ASS WHOPPING. Time to set the loonies straight. Water boarding terrorists was so troubling to Democrats they wanted to impeach the standing President. They wanted to charge government officials as war criminals. BUT spying on Americans with drones is a good thing. Using drones to kill Americans is also […]

Questions About Immigration Bill

January 30, 2013


Having questions that I can’t seem to find answers to, it may be time to start to ask anyone who reads this. If either of the two laws does get passed; Is there a cut off date? 11 million estimated illegals in this country, what will happen next year if 2 million more  enter after […]

President on Immigration

January 29, 2013


I really am sick and tired of the phony bullshit. Whatever you stand on this new immigration bill, do me and everyone else who came to this country a really big favor. DO NOT lump together 11 million illegal Immigrants with all those who came here before. It honestly isn’t fair and it is in […]

Federal Government Sues

November 1, 2011


Here we go again. No money for Social Security but there is always money for the Federal Government to sue a State over Immigration Laws. Well, I for one have had just about enough of this. Here is the deal. The Fed is supposed to protect this Nation by making sure the borders are secure. […]