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The New Lie

November 14, 2013


This is being written as the President gives he speech. Is it really possible that the leaders of this country are so blind to how the world really works. The line now is that they will change the “grandfather clause” to include plans that did have changes. They now want you to contact your old […]

What Have We Learned

November 29, 2010


Anyone born before the ┬ámid 50’s knows they have seen more in their lifetimes then almost any other group of people will ever know. We have seen everything from war to great American leaders being assassinated. We have lived through some of the greatest music ever put on vinyl. That’s right I said vinyl. We […]

Fighting Illegals

July 28, 2010


So now the White House has just won it’s court battle with Arizona. And here we go. All the crazies are out in force. I just love it when people who were not born here tell me all about what is an American response or what is the American way of doing things. They all […]

what’s wrong with america

April 24, 2010


Most of us are Democrats or Republicans . What we forgot is that we are first people with free will. And second that we are Americans. We should take pride in the truth that we know what’s right and wrong and that we don’t need a political party to tell us anything. We know what’s […]