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October 24, 2013


I will not even put the word Congressman before his name. As low as most Americans rate Congress and the work or lack of work they have been doing, it’s hard to imagine that both parties and the American public can’t come to agreement on this one. Using a burning cross to make any point […]

The Shutdown ?

October 9, 2013


Due to the recent Government shutdown, all National parks and monuments have been closed down and the American public is being denied access to them. The Government has, over night fenced off, barricaded or put up cones to stop access. Yes, you have that one right, fences have been put up over night. Now yesterday, […]

Sequestration, March 1

February 25, 2013


The first and most important question every voting American should be asking about sequestration is simply this; “What the hell is Congress doing?” For all of you that are working and those that remember working on a job, exactly how long would you have kept your job if every 3 months the same problem came […]

Republicans vs Democrats. Really ?

November 9, 2012


There has been a lot of talk since the President won his reelection bid. From one side it looks to that Americans want, in large numbers, a Government that works to provide them with a gift. The other side wants to instill values of working to earn what you have. Or so the story goes. […]

The True Politics About Benghazi

October 28, 2012


I really don’t want to be this blunt, but there is no other way to say this. Any politician, current or first time seeking the office, who can defend or dismiss this Administration, on the current handling of the attack in Benghazi , should be voted out of office , or taken off the ballot. […]

Presidents new Pamphlet

October 25, 2012


The President issued a new “Pamphlet” spelling out his next 4 years. One of the most interesting “new” ideas he has, is to cut spending and reduce the deficit. This is truly a great idea, because the guy in office for the last 4 years did an awful job at that. Sounds like ,Hope and […]

The President, Benghazi and the Facts

October 24, 2012


Six weeks have past since the attack in Benghazi that left 4 Americans dead. And everyday there is more and more information that is leaked. Everyday, there are more conversations about who said what and when they said it. Everyday , there is another story about what really happened. But at no time did the […]