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October 23, 2016


Lets take a short look at the MSM in this election cycle. Some of it is not a big surprise that a left leaning media would favor one candidate over another. After all, we are all only people and we do have a desire to have our candidate win. So to a small degree it […]

Trump and the Video

October 10, 2016


This video reminds me of another time in politics. Yes, it was the Clinton Administration. The press blew it off.(yes I went there) And it was over. Now not for everyone. Many believed he disgraced the office. Many thought it was a national embarrassment. The MSM toned it down and even went as far as […]

Disenfranchising Americans

October 22, 2012


I would love for any who reads this to pass it along to anyone and everyone they know.  This is an article that appeared in Liberation.  It is one of the stories of how the United States is disenfranchising  voters. Now aside from the not job group in the previous article that wants to […]

Who Knows ?

October 13, 2012


When it comes to Libya and the attack’s that Killed 4 Americans , the White House knows nothing at all. They didn’t know it was a terrorist attack, they didn’t know that everyone there wanted to upgrade the security of these people. So now we learn that some people in this Administration did know. Just […]

Egypt Issues arrest Warrants

September 18, 2012


Everyone can argue all they want whether the making and posting of a video has caused the violence now going on in the world. But the last time I checked, I live in America. In this country people have the right of freedom of expression. I may not like or condone what you have to […]

Lets Vote

March 12, 2012


Voting has been described  as many things in this country. A right, a privilege, a duty,  something all Americans cherish and hold close to their hearts as a sign to the world of the freedom this country fought hard for. We’ve made rules and passed laws to preserve that each and every vote gets cast […]

Stand up for US…..

February 27, 2012


I haven’t written in some time. That doesn’t mean I’ve been sleeping. Watching everyday when some new event happens ,it’s hard to believe I’m not in some bad nightmare. But at some point enough is enough.  We are coming to the end of yet another month of black history in this country. And although I’m […]