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October 23, 2016


Lets take a short look at the MSM in this election cycle. Some of it is not a big surprise that a left leaning media would favor one candidate over another. After all, we are all only people and we do have a desire to have our candidate win. So to a small degree it […]

President on Immigration

January 29, 2013


I really am sick and tired of the phony bullshit. Whatever you stand on this new immigration bill, do me and everyone else who came to this country a really big favor. DO NOT lump together 11 million illegal Immigrants with all those who came here before. It honestly isn’t fair and it is in […]

Budget Deal

July 21, 2011


News is getting out that the President and House Majority Leader are nearing the time when they will present a solid deal to Congress. This deal seems to focus on spending cuts and seek future revenues through a tax overhaul. ┬áDon’t lose sight of the ball here. Raising the debt ceiling has to be done. […]

The Debt

July 14, 2011


All the debt talk is now reached a new low. Even for Congress. There will be no labels put forth here. But name calling and questioning a persons metal health, or even if they have a right to be in the negotiations is about enough. I have a plan that will make most Americans really […]

Gearing up to the election

June 26, 2011


Well, it has started. The Right is coming out in full force to start the process of picking their candidate for President. The Left already has theirs. If he decides to run again. So that leaves all of us with one question. The easy answer is of coarse who will we pick. But that isn’t […]

Normal but not Right

June 20, 2011


NBC omits the words “under God” and “indivisible” from the Pledge of Allegiance on sunday during the U. S. Open. By most reports social media response was quick and harsh. And that was normal as it should be. But the apology was anything but right. Read it yourself. “Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of […]

Getting Hacked

June 6, 2011


A guy posts lewd photos of himself online and when he gets caught, LIES about the whole thing. In his denial he goes as far as to say that his account was hacked and he didn’t do it. In his eventual confession he tells the world he not only did it , but he has […]