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The New Lie

November 14, 2013


This is being written as the President gives he speech. Is it really possible that the leaders of this country are so blind to how the world really works. The line now is that they will change the “grandfather clause” to include plans that did have changes. They now want you to contact your old […]

Questions About Immigration Bill

January 30, 2013


Having questions that I can’t seem to find answers to, it may be time to start to ask anyone who reads this. If either of the two laws does get passed; Is there a cut off date? 11 million estimated illegals in this country, what will happen next year if 2 million more ¬†enter after […]

Mark Mattioli

January 28, 2013


The father of one of the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting victims Mark Mattioli, testified before a gun violence task force in Hartford, Connecticut. First and foremost, I want to express to him and all the other families how sorry I am that they had to go through what they did. Words can never fill the […]

It’s all your Fault

January 22, 2013


Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you were willing to ignore all the facts and logic in the world just to have it? No matter what anybody said or did, you just knew you were right and you were going to get it. Only to find out later that it wasn’t what you […]

Executive Action 16

January 16, 2013


What the hell just happened today? I’m not going to argue that the President does not have the authority to issue an executive order, he does. But wouldn’t it be more normal for Congress to at least look at some of the things and have some input. After all, they are the people we send […]

Republicans vs Democrats. Really ?

November 9, 2012


There has been a lot of talk since the President won his reelection bid. From one side it looks to that Americans want, in large numbers, a Government that works to provide them with a gift. The other side wants to instill values of working to earn what you have. Or so the story goes. […]

The Debt

July 14, 2011


All the debt talk is now reached a new low. Even for Congress. There will be no labels put forth here. But name calling and questioning a persons metal health, or even if they have a right to be in the negotiations is about enough. I have a plan that will make most Americans really […]