Posted on October 23, 2016


Lets take a short look at the MSM in this election cycle. Some of it is not a big surprise that a left leaning media would favor one candidate over another. After all, we are all only people and we do have a desire to have our candidate win. So to a small degree it can be acceptable for a better sided story here and a not so good story there. We can’t be that naive to believe that those things wouldn’t happen.

But that isn’t what we have any more. WE have a blatant lies, mistruths and a total ignoring of the facts. That is something very different. When you simply refuse to report the facts about a candidate simply because you want then to win, you are no longer a journalist or a reporter of the news. You have now become the news.

We have now discovered confirmation that not only are MSM outlets holding back news, they are refusing to even investigate stories put in front of them. Reports that have been shown to be true of the Media colluding with a candidate by giving them access to change and approve stories written about them are beyond what should be accepted by anyone.

They have now been caught favoring one candidate over another so much that they have secretly given debate questions to one candidate. You may wonder why that is such a big deal? Well we are picking who will represent us in the future. Do you believe the Chinese will give a list of topics for approval? Or that ISIS will confer with the MSM to hammer out a safe question list?

But what is the most important aspect of all of this is simply this. How or what makes a small group of people think that they know what’s best for you and the country? What is it about this small group that makes them feel they are so superior? And what is it about them that would lead them to believe that they can take away the rights of all Americans to choose?

It’s arrogance! It’s an elitist attitude that you, the American voter are just not smart enough to do what is best for yourself. The you, cannot be trusted to do whats right. They are telling you that YOU are just not smart enough to have the power of the vote.

This in itself is a very dangerous situation. We are smart enough. And we would be even smarter if the MSM was doing the job they were designed to to. REPORT the NEWS.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe we aren’t smart enough? Maybe we aren’t that sophisticated. A case in point. There is a lot of talk about Trump and women. When someone brings up Bill Clinton, everyone is quick to point out he isn’t running. Good point! But that isn’t the point. He is involved even if his wife wasn’t the candidate. He was a sitting President with many problems with women. So much so that he lost his license to practice law and was impeached.

The common conditions outweigh the fact he isn’t running. The comparison is actually fair. Either you love them or hate them equally. But they cannot be separated.  And they shouldn’t be. At this point, either move on or condemn them both. But the MSM cannot. It would hurt their candidate. So they have set up new rules of outrage. Rules that can never be applied to both.

Now on the other hand, you have one of these candidates that it seems has no regard for the law or for anyone, for that matter. There are simply facts that can not and should not be accepted by anyone. One thing that has always held true for Americans, is the sense of fair. We do not like cheating, but we respect fair play. It rings through every fiber of our being and has from the very beginning of our country. It’s why we are always willing to help the oppressed. Why we have even gone to war to protect those being abused. We as a Nation stand up for what’s right and for the rights of others. It’s simply, who we are!

If you start looking from the very beginning of the race, you find problems. The biggest being the MSM at this point. They had a strong aversion to reporting what was actually going on. Even to the point of making things up. Hillary Clinton was never found not guilty or innocent of wrong doing in her personal email scandal. And the press knows that. They did find, after what we now know was a rigged system of justice, Not enough evidence to charge her. But that recommendation is only reached because of collusion between the White House, The FBI and the DOJ. Now everyone knew that at the time. It was there for all to see. But now, thanks to WikiLeaks, there is proof that a coverup of justice was being perpetrated on the American public.

Before your total anger put you in a place to read further, consider that during the investigation, Clinton was given a heads up about a possibility that the records and the server would be subpoenaed. Emails show that the plan all along was to destroy the server and plans were being made to protect her and her people. Now that could be argued and taken anyway you like. But the server wasn’t destroyed until 5 days after the subpoena was served. Whatever argument you want to make, that is a fact that cannot be disputed.

Then for reasons unknown to everyone, all the people that took part in destroying that server were given immunity from prosecution. Go back to the leaked emails. This was the plan all along. Destroy it and we will protect you. Does that sound right to you? Does it sound fair? Does it start to make you see that the law was never going to be applied equally? The law that we hold to be equal to all, was undermined and all parties that broke the law were protected. This in itself is a coverup and should outrage all of us.

Then we have the leaked emails that prove beyond any doubt that Government security was put in jeopardy. Classified information was put at risk. It was even shared with people who had not only no security clearance, then were not even part of the Government at the time. WikiLeaks emails also prove that the Classified Headers were removed to send them to Hillary Clinton at her direction. So why you ask were no charges brought? Because they were all given immunity before the leaks revealed what was going on.

So back to the MSM. They all know this. It’s just not what they are willing to report. So in grand fashion, they say nothing. Seems like information you and the rest of the country would want to know, but it’s ignored. Then you have WikiLeaks dropping emails every other day. Some very damaging to Clinton. But they do what they do best. They start the conversation in a whole different direction. They blame the Russians. They also go as far as to tell their audience that these emails are illegal for you to read. But legal for the press to read. And if anything is found, they will report it. Think about that one. Think about how insane that sounds? Yet, they say it. Because in their eyes, we, the American public are just so stupid that they need to figure out what we should be told.

Those emails may reveal things that will never make you change your mind. But they are a window into what is really going on.How this election and what this candidate is all about. She has been telling the voters that she is for border security. But she has told Brazilian Bankers that she sees a borderless country with open trade. Her vision is a Western Hemisphere with no borders and open trade. That is her vision of the future. Is that your vision of the United States? Now, the fact that between her and her husband Bill, they were paid for two speeches in less than 4 months almost 3/4 of a million dollars should give you pause. It is almost impossible to believe that money was paid so they could hear someone lie to them. That money was paid so that in the future they could collect on that investment.

We hold Religious Freedom as a cornerstone to what makes this country great. Hillary is now involved in a plan to Infiltrate the Catholic and Evangelical churches to subvert their thinking and make them more progressive. Again, think about that? What or who do you know is good with any plan by a Government Official to Infiltrate any religion and covertly change it from within?

There have been two videos released by James O’Keefe. Most of the MSM response was to again, kill the messenger. That has been most of the air time given to them. But there have been two people fired or who have steeped down because of the videos. So maybe you should know what they were about?

The videos center around 2 groups that work for the DNC and for the Campaign of Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible to separate all of them and the inner connections they have. They are talking about how they take great pride in the fact they they have sent operatives out to Bernie and Trump Rallies for the soul purpose of causing trouble. How they boast about how through the violence they have orchestrated Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago when it became so violent that even cops were injured. In this country people have the right to assemble and to support their candidate. They also have a reasonable expectation of coming back safely. But at the many rallies where these people were involved, violence broke out and people were hurt. All to stop them from their right to listen to their candidate and exercise their right to vote for who they wanted.

As if this were not bad enough. These people are on record as saying, they seek out the homeless and the mentally ill. This is done for the soul purpose of insuring the violence. They are heard saying we pick the least stable and set them into the crown and that guarantees bad things will happen. They also laugh that if it gets completely out of hand, that’s better. But the two things that bother me the most is that they don’t care and admit to having no control over how far the violence will go. But the worst is that any decent person would single out people with problems, those that society should help at every opportunity and instead they selected them because they have handicaps. They seek and find those that have mental illness and abuse and take advantage of the condition. Who or what type of animal would do that? What type of person would do that to another person? Who would think to do that is enough to make you crazy. But whoever agreed with that choice is simply a disgusting human being.

Do you hear about this on your news? Do they report this to you? Is this something maybe you should have been told? Does it really matter that it will make your candidate look bad? Have you somehow lost your compassion for your fellow humans? What does it say about you that you would support these things? Or that your vote will go to a person that does support these things and more?

An old saying goes like this.

Winning isn’t everything! How you win is more important!