Trump and the Video

Posted on October 10, 2016


This video reminds me of another time in politics. Yes, it was the Clinton Administration.
The press blew it off.(yes I went there) And it was over. Now not for everyone. Many believed he disgraced the office. Many thought it was a national embarrassment.
The MSM toned it down and even went as far as to get leaders from other countries to make comments. All about how we were such a repressed society. It not only became no big deal. It pretty much never was.

Now back to today. Everyone is up in arms. How could anyone say something like that? He’s admitting to assault! He needs to step down! He’s unfit! This list goes on, but you get the point.

But lets talk about what he did. Talking to another guy in private about girls and sex. If you can find me two guys that have never had that conversation, I’ll buy you lunch. So what was the problem? Well the words went to far is the answer. Really? So, two guys are sitting in a bar, the see a hot girl and one says to the other, what I wouldn’t do to her.

That is every night, everywhere, in every town, all day and night long. And if you haven’t said it, heard it or or been a part of it, you sir are lying. and women, they are just as guilty. My mom passed, but she used to sleep with a picture of Frank Sinatra. Even she told us that she would let him do whatever he wanted.

I get it if you are outraged. But the outrage seems to be misplaced and very unfairly distributed.  Trump said words about someone who has now come forward. But all she can say is she is outraged to be spoken about like that. She doesn’t say he did it. Or that he even tried to do it. Or that when he did it, she said no, or felt she had to let him.

So, according to her, none of that happened. She was never the victim. And he never did it. Lets make sure we get that part clear. Words that were not carried out. So lets get to vulgar. Would it have been easier if he used other words? I don’t see how. People are pounding home the point that his thoughts and words are the problem. So, other words don’t look like they would change anything.

But lets go back now to the beginning. When no one cared about Bill, all of us were setting a president in motion that we are paying for since that day. What about the victims in this first case. I have never seen so many people turn their collective backs on a woman who cried rape in my life. The girl with the cigar, in case you forgot, was 19 at the time and was an intern for the President. No one cared to think that if nothing else , he was abusing his power as President over her? Or just maybe, he should have known better? Or at some point acted a little more like a President of the United States?

Anyone who can tell me or continue to report how egregious this video is and not point a finger back to the President who actually was accused of rape, has lost all my respect. Every time I hear someone play this tape up like it is something, I remember how you decide what was something, just didn’t matter.

And yes, Hillary is running against Trump, not Bill. But Hillary is not a victim or an innocent bystander in what Bill has done. She has a very active roll as an enabler to what he did. The stories of Bills escapades go back to the time he was AG of Arkansas. These women and all the stories followed him through being Governor to his 8 years as President. And she knew and protected him from, as she put it, every crazy bimbo who came along. Some of the reportedly against there will.

There is great deal of hypocrisy going on here. Every single reporter who is just disgusted with “the words” Trump used, should not be able to even look at Hillary. If you so disapprove of Trumps language, then Bill and Hillary must seen as the devil reincarnated.

There is no other way to look at it. There are only a few choices here. You are a hypocrite and the lowest form of human or you are lying about what you believe and will do anything to get Hillary elected. Even at the cost of your own honor. But lets face it, if any of you were true journalists, you would have to believe that there is a story in the fact that someone has been raped and no one has ever asked them for their story. No one has ever offered one bit of sympathy or compassion to these women. America and the MSM has tossed them aside for purely political reasons.

Am I upset and offended by the video? Yes

Am I appalled and disgusted by people catering to a rapist and his wife. More then words can ever say.