Taking a Knee

Posted on October 7, 2016


I think I’ve had enough of this. I’ve watched and I’ve tried to understand. You’re just not going to win me over. Maybe because it starts out from a false premise. Maybe because it seems a little bit crazy to me. And just maybe because as far as any reasonable person will tell you, you just can’t get your point out there by pissing people off.

Sorta like a screaming kid in a store. Yes, maybe the mom did promise to buy them a toy. But screaming at the top of your lungs, but you promised mom, Mom you promised! Just isn’t going to get the thing to happen.

Now I’ve read some of the quotes from players. But Brandon Marshall has a very interesting take. Marshall is quoted saying,

“I’m against social injustice. I’m not against the military, the police or America at all. I’m against social injustice,”

So if I understand this correctly, he will disrespect the military, the police and the entire Country, as he says he is against social injustice. And taking a knee helps social injustice, how exactly? And this social injustice you are against, how do you plan to correct it? By pissing off people who can help you achieve your goal? Your theory of pissing off an entire country so you can achieve social justice for some seems to be pretty misguided. It just seems more logical to most sane people that if the injustice exists, we all need to be part of the solution.

Now later I read another quote and it just really set me thinking.

“People that aren’t minorities, they don’t know what it’s like to be a minority in this country,” he added. “And I’m not saying it’s terrible. I love this country. We have great opportunities, but at the same time, if you’re not a minority you don’t understand. I speak for everybody when I say that, because I know they agree with me.”

Thats right, read it again. Let it sink in. I guess because I’m not a minority, I’ve never faced social injustice? And later he explains that I may be just to stupid to understand. As if being a minority is the only path to full knowledge of understanding this plight. Well since I must be responsible for it, I must understand it. Thats the other side of this. Everyone else that isn’t a minority, must be racist. There is no other conclusion to be drawn from that. Racist Americans must be responsible for the social injustice he sees in America.

The only thing that makes me more angry then seeing people disrespect and dishonor the flag and this country, by taking a knee, is the fact that I constantly have to be accused or have to defend myself about being called a racist. Have you ever given any thought that maybe it’s not all of us and maybe it’s you? Now I’ll be kind, and say not exactly you, but many minority’s.

So let me explain it this way to you. Not being a minority I can tell you about the other side of this. The one you can’t understand. Because like me, you may be to stupid because you aren’t part of the majority.

You may be thinking you’re going to hear it from the white side of the equation. But the majority I speak of is all the people who wake up every day and try their best to move forward. The ones that would take what isn’t theirs. The ones who wouldn’t hurt someone else. The vast majority of the people who make up this country. Blacks, whites, hispanics, catholics, jews, atheists. And every size, shape, color and religious background you can think of. The normal people. The majority.

Maybe the problem comes from a stereo type that is constantly reenforced every single day. A very odd statistic is that black men make up less than 7% or the total population. But in that group, some are responsible for over 75% of all violent crimes committed. That is just staggering. By those stats, 3 out of every 4 crimes of violence are committed by blacks. Against all of us in the majority. The regular good people looking to do no harm.

Have you ever given that any thought at all? Isn’t that a great social injustice? That a small group of people are making life impossible for everyone, across all racial boundaries? I get it, it seems unfair to you at times. It seems like you are the one singled out. But to think cops are picking on you is ridiculous. Not one set of real numbers supports that. Which brings us all back to the social injustice you are protesting about. It doesn’t exist. In 2016, of the more than 880 polices shootings, 200 have been black men. But in major cities like Chicago, over 4500 shooting this year. Well over 500 have resulted in death. And the large majority of them have been black. Isn’t that the social injustice we need to fix?

I’ve singled you out. So let me say this to you. I’ve followed your career. I’ve watched you play ball. I’ve put you on my fantasy team. You seem like a good man. Your a great player. And I’m sorry to have to inform you that never once have I thought or cared much about that color of your skin. As long as you’re not playing against the Giants, I enjoy the skills you bring to the game I love to watch. And even if it wasn’t sports, you seem like a nice enough person that would make me want to be your friend.

The simple truth is this. It’s not the world singling you out, it’s a small group of people, that look like you, that are making you stand out for no reason. It’s all about knowing who the real enemy is. It isn’t the cops, the flag lovers, or the real majority.