Posted on July 5, 2014


If you’re patient even the most misguided of us will say or do something right. Today the President said, “We are a nation of immigrants”. He couldn’t be more right. Today we celebrate the birth of a nation put together with immigrants from all over the world. But we are more than just that. We are a nation of laws. We are a nation of fairness. We are a nation of compassion. A nation that stands tall on issues of right and wrong. That is who we are today. From humble beginning till the present time , we have evolved and will continue to evolve.

So today Mr. President I stand with you when you speak of a nation of immigrants coming together to make this country and the world a better place.

But sadly, today your words were not directed at the people who have immigrated to this country. Today was another  veiled attempt to push all those people down and to discount the sacrifices they have made for more than 200 years. Today your speech was directed at people who did not immigrate to America, but illegally immigrated to America. This is in no way FAIR, RIGHT OR JUST. Today you took the dream of my grandfather, who came here in the early 1900s and was drafted into WW1 and promptly sent back to Europe to defend his new country, and made what he did insignificant. You made his 7 year wait to see his wife and child, who wasn’t born when he left, a big joke.

Men and women like my grandparents were not unique . They were they the same as everyone else who ever crossed through Ellis Island. They came here after years of waiting for approval and asked for nothing but a chance to build a better life for their families. They worked hard in a system that was very much anti immigrant, much as it is today, to get their shot at the dream. Always working within the law. Following all the rules. Never upsetting the apple cart. These people came here never asking for anything and always willing to tell anyone who would listen, “This IS my country”. Immigrants have always come to this country , not thinking they were owed but knowing they owed everything to America.

The words are not interchangeable. Putting your name on a list and waiting for your opportunity  to come LEGALLY  to America is absolutely not equal to sneaking across the border, and ILLEGALLY entering America. A legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant are as different as night and day. Comparing the two as equals defies logic and honestly borders on the insane. More than that, it lacks any sense of fairness. It lacks a sense of right and wrong. And it flies in the face of any sense of justice. It cheapens the effort and the hard work of all those who want the same dream but are willing to do it honestly and lawfully.

The convaluted notion as a nation, we owe anything to those not willing to play by the rules and work within the laws of this country , is simply absurd. We are the greatest country in the world. And as such, people should be more than willing to do whatever it takes to come here and pay this country back for the opportunities we offer. For the chance at building a better life for yourself and for your family, is it really to much to ask that you show a little respect for the laws of that country? Is it so inconceivable that as Americans we should ask that one small sacrifice? That as “WE THE PEOPLE” we should demand that one simple thing of anyone wanting to become a citizen? It seems like such a small price to pay for the right to call yourself an America .

We all need to stop perverting the facts to make some new truth. Legal immigrants and illegal immigrants are not equally immigrants. Bunching them together as completely interchangeable is wrong on every level. It is totally disrespectful to those who have worked within the system and have shown a strong desire and exercised a great deal of patients to follow the laws of their soon to be new country. We do not have an immigration problem in America. We have an ever growing illegal immigration problem that will only get worse until we all decide on a plan to fix it and make it right.  The border is the place to start. We cannot hope to be fair and compassionate to those that are here if the number is going to change from month to month.