The New Lie

Posted on November 14, 2013


This is being written as the President gives he speech. Is it really possible that the leaders of this country are so blind to how the world really works. The line now is that they will change the “grandfather clause” to include plans that did have changes. They now want you to contact your old insurer, the one that had to drop you, and see if you can get your old plan back.

Well, he’s a big problem with the pep talk. Insurers have spent the last 3 years complying with the new law.  What do you think they can do now? Reteach everyone and retrain everyone and just bring back now an old policy to add to the already created products? And do it all in a timely fashion? IS THE PRESIDENT REALLY ASKING THAT? We screwed this all up and threw a monkey wrench into everyones health care, and now you guys fix it.

Now we will allow all the new plans and YES any sub par plan to be issued. So what they are telling us now is, we changed it, caused a big problem and now it will be just as it was before. Three years and billions of dollars later, the left takes on the problems the right has been screaming about. But actually, this is not a left or right issue. The issue is stupid people electing stupid people. But that argument is not for today.

For the record, insurance companies have moved on. The old policies are gone. And for anyone now to tell you that you can get your old policy back, well, that is just another lie.

It also speaks volumes about how little the Federal Government understands the free market process and how to run big programs for profit.