Posted on October 24, 2013


I will not even put the word Congressman before his name. As low as most Americans rate Congress and the work or lack of work they have been doing, it’s hard to imagine that both parties and the American public can’t come to agreement on this one. Using a burning cross to make any point is maybe more offensive than seeing a swastika. Would you have to be told to condemn that also? But what is most appalling is that this is an elected official.

What does it say about all of us that a Congressman can conjure up images of the worst this country has to offer? What does it say to the world that a member of the Congress of the United States would use that image to not only gain a political advantage but drag down the reputation of the entire nation? That a standing Congressman would call his fellow Americans racists and murders with no proof to back up his claim other than their political views are not the same as his?

And what signal are we , the American public sending , that we have not denounced this type of behavior? Is this how low the moral compass of America has really sank? This is hate, purely for the sake of hate. It’s the lowest an ignorant person can sink, when he is incapable of an educated response. Not only did he approve it, he has stood by his actions. He has defended his actions, as though he is right. It begs the question as to whether a person like this should be making law for the entire country to live by?

It will be interesting to see who will condemn and who will condone such behavior? What will be the response of Congress to such an irresponsible act from one of its own members?