Washington, The Problem

Posted on October 23, 2013


How things are getting done in Washington is more of a problem than what is getting done. It seems the answers to questions and problems are always the same. And that is just unacceptable . We are now hearing today that the President was not told about the problems with the web site for the ACA. That seems to be a funny statement to make as it implies that he didn’t need to be told. Like it is normal to keep information from the President. That doesn’t sound right , but you can be the judge of that. What most hear is that the President didn’t bother to ask for progress reports or care very much what was happening. That seems a little bizarre, but it could be true. Another way to look at it would have to be that the President did ask and was not told the true. That seems like a movie plot , so we should scratch that one. I mean, do we really live in a country where the President is so inapt that he can be lied to and kept in the dark?

Somewhere in all of this is a truth. Past performance of the last few years would indicate that everyone is lying and we are accepting of it as a population. Look back at “Fast and Furious” or Benghazi , no one at the top knew what happened. There are no real answers and everything and everyone is still at work.  Why is this any different?

This is not as political as it sounds. Republicans will do the same thing. What I’m not clear on is when the rules changed? I want the best of the best in Government. When things go wrong it isn’t asking much, that heads will roll and answers will be found. But this is by no means acceptable. You want the voters to guess what happened? You want us to pose the question? Then we will. No one told you? And if no one told you, why didn’t you ask? Should we ask the worst question? They lied to you and you don’t care? And now that you have forced us all to ask these questions, do you want any of us to trust what you’re doing in Washington?