The Shutdown ?

Posted on October 9, 2013


Due to the recent Government shutdown, all National parks and monuments have been closed down and the American public is being denied access to them. The Government has, over night fenced off, barricaded or put up cones to stop access. Yes, you have that one right, fences have been put up over night. Now yesterday, it is being reported that the DOD has stop making payments to families of fallen soldiers. There simply is no money. But someone needs to explain how the bodies of 5 Americans killed defending this Nation were turned away because of the Government shutdown. How is that even possible? What is the message the Government is sending to troops who are fighting right now ? What does it say about us, a society that would turn our collective backs on soldiers who have been sent to do their job, and then denied the respect of a funeral ?

But low and behold, the Government is not really all that shutdown now is it? Tens of thousands of illegals were permitted to gather on the great lawn yesterday. I guess the park wasn’t closed to all people , only Americans. What was even worse, some members of Congress took to the lawn and spoke to the crowds about fighting for better immigration laws ! Eight members of the House were arrested during the protest.  You have to look for the whole story. It’s not on everyones top ten this morning. But the truth is, this is not the first time a Member of Congress has been arrested for this.

But here are some of the questions every American should have .  The Federal Government has been closed for the last 9 days. Why is it that any Member of Congress had time to meet and greet illegals on the Great Lawn? How about you get your ass’s back inside and don’t bother coming out until your job is complete and the Government is running again. Another good question would be, when you took office, did you or did you not swear and oath to ” protect and defend the Laws and Constitution of the United States of America”? Where exactly does it say you can illegally defend the rights of anyone not an American ? Or better yet, meet and greet known members of this Nation who are openly declaring they are here illegally?

How or why did you have time, and where did the Administration find time to organize this protest with the Presidents blessing ? Some big week for the President and his Congress, Turning away veterans for a memorial built to honor them but allowing illegals to gather with a thumbs up from all of you. And lets talk about the fences. How swift my Government reacted to shut out Americans, but in the last 6 years we can’t seem to build a fence to stop illegals. Yesterday, OUR GOVERNMENT AND SOME OF IT’S ELECTED OFFICIALS, HONORED ILLEGALS AND DISHONORED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND DISHONORED THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED TO DEFEND AND PROTECT AND PRESERVE THAT RIGHT.

This is a National Disgrace . Anyone legally living in this country should be appalled by what happened. It’s completely indefensible . We may argue about politics and which party is the right one. But there is never an argument about putting Americans second to anyone in the world. We defend and we protect our own. And in doing so we are afforded the luxury of helping others. Turning our backs on soldiers and their families is the wrong policy. Closing monuments to Americans and opening the lawn to illegals is the wrong policy. Elected officials taking time to speak with and defend illegals , is the wrong policy. And honestly, getting arrested, because you broke the law for non Americans , should be the number one reason to lose you job.

Americans need to wake up.