Posted on February 6, 2013


It’s about time for an old-fashion ASS WHOPPING. Time to set the loonies straight. Water boarding terrorists was so troubling to Democrats they wanted to impeach the standing President. They wanted to charge government officials as war criminals. BUT spying on Americans with drones is a good thing. Using drones to kill Americans is also a good thing. Are you FN’ kidding me? Really?

Now we have a Congressman who wants ILLEGALS TO BE CALLED AMERICANS IN WAITING. How about this Mr. Congressman, screw you! When a person enters any place he is not invited or not really wanted, he is by definition there ILLEGALLY. It is that simple. But as for you, it’s not. You have taken an Oath to uphold the laws of the United States. The oath you swore is to protect the country and the people of THIS country. If , as it seems, you are confused in any way at all about where you loyalties lie, then you need to step down or risk being impeached.

And now a few thoughts about gun control. The Federal Government has given itself permission and has the tools to spy and attack any U.S. citizen using a silent drone, and you want to pass a law that will remove guns from the hands of legal gun owners? I don’t think so. With Congress fighting for the rights of illegals over Americans and drone ready to be used to attack Americans on American soil, its time for every man and woman who values their freedom and our way of life to go and immediately purchase all the weapons they can afford.

Where is the fine line between the right to privacy and the Governments right to invade that privacy? Is it something that has to be asked that any elected official would defend and protect the Constitution of this country over the anyone and everything in the world. No one is an American citizen until such time as we grant that status upon them if they are born outside this country. As such, the rights to standing American citizen takes precedence over all others. And as for using a drone to spy on Americans, not on my watch! You follow the law and get a warrant. You do what is legal and right. And this insanity of banning guns, let me say this very clearly. It has never and has ever, made for a less violent American. Not one bit of proof exists. But American is a violent place and becoming more violent. You want to ban guns? Ban the guns in the hands of drug dealers and drug cartel members and from criminals using guns for illegal purposes. Stop this bullshit of taking and disarming legal gun owners.