President on Immigration

Posted on January 29, 2013


I really am sick and tired of the phony bullshit. Whatever you stand on this new immigration bill, do me and everyone else who came to this country a really big favor. DO NOT lump together 11 million illegal Immigrants with all those who came here before. It honestly isn’t fair and it is in no way correct. Both sides of my family came to this country. They came seeking a new life and the American dream. They came like all those who came before them, LEGALLY.  Some waiting because of quotas, some waited to insure they had an address that was required of them. Some waited till they had enough money to get themselves going. They took nothing and were not offered much of anything. They came here with pride and respect for this country. Never once, thinking about doing anything illegal and always obeying the law!  They learned the language because they wanted to assimilate, they wanted to Americans. They were also forced to learn quickly because no one printed papers or signs in any language except ENGLISH.

Stop this nonsense of somehow romanticizing what has happened here. I would support Marco Rubio and his  bill to try to work this out fairly and equitably. And one of the biggest reasons would have to be that the people that are here now, screwed their own by crossing the border. Many fellow countryman are still on a list to LEGALLY come to this country. I support them.

My grandparents were not very different then all the people who have come here before and since then. They struggled, they fought, they learned, they came here seeking the dream and took every bit of crap that was tossed their way by those they wanted to become. Americans! And never once complained.

But they never cut in line, crossed the line and they did it legally. They had to have a place to live, a job and someone to sponsor them. Stop saying they are the same and stop comparing them to all that have come here. Someone opened the door for my grandparents. Others picked the lock and snuck in. Big difference!