Lance and Others

Posted on January 20, 2013


Lance Armstrong goes on Oprah. Big deal. Really, who cares what you have to say now? Your time to speak has come and gone. Some people will try to make some sense out of what he is saying. Some will reject it and others will come away with a good feeling. Personally, I’m glad he is finally admitting what the whole world already knew. But only because in the real world , it’s the fair and honorable thing to do. Although it doesn’t seems likely that Armstrong would know fair  and honorable if it jumped up and bit him on his ass. It’s all about money and racing again for him. Pure and simple, it’s all about the best play for him right now to get what he wants.

There is this trend to look at the good and to forgive and forget when it comes to things like this. Having a little sympathy for the guy as he tries to make things right. But how can he ever make this right is the question you need to ask. By finally admitting he did what he did, does that make it right for the guy who came in second place. If the money slots were in first , second and third, does it do much for the guy who was in 4th place? What about all the people he sued along the way or discredited along the way? Those people who lost jobs? Not just the ones he personally attacked, but people who worked for those other teams that didn’t have the money to keep everyone on board? What about all the money spent by people defending themselves against this guy knowing all along they were right. And thats the point really, what about all the other people?

Take baseball, no one is inducted into the Hall of Fame. But you have 2 of the greatest plays on the ballot. So what happened , you might ask. Convicted or not, they cheated. No remorse from either of them, no admission of any guilt. Not now anyway, maybe the future will be different. They can also go on Oprah and be at least honest. But what will that change? Can it change all the things that went wrong during that time?

Take a pitcher who is an 11 time all-star and a 7 time Cy Young winner. Lets just look at a possible story line if he didn’t “juice”. Seems possible that for openers, he doesn’t win as many games as he did. Also seems plausible that during some of the years he won, someone else should have and would have one a Cy Young. That could have changed someones life and without a doubt his finances while he was in the league. Take 2 loses away from some pitcher and add 2 wins and look at the difference. How about a whole teams record? Maybe 4 more wins instead of 4 losses and you make it to the play-offs. Maybe you use just one of those wins to start a winning streak and somehow the play-offs look totally different then we remember them.

Cheating in sports, like cheating in life, doesn’t just effect one person. It has the potential to change everything. But why is it when we think about showing a little compassion , our sympathy goes to the one that cheated. We never think about all the people he cheated along the way. When it comes to Baseball , I’ll give mine to the guy that lost out on being a Cy Young winner. What about the guy who faced 2 or more of these “juiced”pitchers in a season? You could be talking about over 100 at bats. That could have changed his batting average for the season. I’ll give my sympathy to them.   Thinking about just the sports aspect of cycling, I’ll give mine to the guy who came in 4th place and out of the money.