Executive Action 16

Posted on January 16, 2013


What the hell just happened today? I’m not going to argue that the President does not have the authority to issue an executive order, he does. But wouldn’t it be more normal for Congress to at least look at some of the things and have some input. After all, they are the people we send to Washington to make new laws.

And of the 23, can anyone point out 1 of them that would have prevented any shooting in the last 2 years? In executive action 16;

Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

Why would this be something my doctor needs to know to treat me? Is this now going to show up on that long ass form I have to fill out to even see a doctor? And what exactly will my doctor do with this information? Will he be forced to give this private information to the Federal Government? And what other PRIVATE information about me will my doctor have to give?

This is just one of many Executive Actions signed today that sounds very much like my right to privacy is being violated. What happens if my doctor asks and I refuse to answer that question? Will he be forced to report me? Will he be forced to not treat me?

And what will be the next executive order for your doctor to comply with? If you go in to treat a drug problem will you also become part of a national data base? If you smoke will you be put into some other data base? If you drink? Where will this end? This is what normal people call the slippery slope. This is why it can never start. Because once it starts, it never ends.

This is a Government that is starting out with small bits of information gathered from unconnected questions till one day , there is a folder of information on everyone to be used to scare, track, or force everyone into doing the governments bidding. Starting to sound very much like 1984, but a lot more sinister.

This is the America you want to live in? Before you answer , ask yourself one question. How does your doctor asking you if there is a gun in your home,stop any form of violence? One question has nothing to do with the answer to the second question. So why an executive order? It’s the start of gathering information about you just to have it on file, but not to make anything better or safer.

Its time for most people who live here to start to ask questions about what is happening all around them. Are they trying to stop the violence or are they trying to make it impossible for honest people to own guns? They are in no way the same thing. They are as different as night and day. Don’t become confused by the double talk.

More importantly, do you want your doctor, nurse,lawyer, accountant or even your priest to be bound by the law to report you to the Federal Data Base? Stop sleepwalking through life. You have the right to privacy and the expectation of privacy. Don’t just let someone, anyone, for any reason strip you of your most basic rights.