Guns and more Guns

Posted on January 7, 2013


This is one post I hope people read and respond to. It is simply about the new hot topic, gun control. I should clear a  few things up from the beginning. I, personally do not own guns. I’m not a hunter or someone who likes to go to a range and shoot. I am however, someone who fully supports a persons right to own, use and collect guns. Many would agree, owning a gun or having the right to own a gun , is as American as apple pie. It is one of the many things that defines us as Americans. The entire history of this Nation is squarely rooted in the ownership and use of guns. It would be hard to imagine this country ever existing at all , had the British imposed a gun ban as they sent people to colonize this new land.

Before talking about what has sparked this latest revolt against owning guns, I’d like to point some facts out.  First, there are at least 2 major cities in the country that have very strict gun laws. Chicago happens to one of them. In the city of Chicago in 2012, 500 people lost their lives to guns. Thats more than the total Americans killed in Afghanistan during the same time period. If that doesn’t amaze you, couple it with the fact that 386 criminal homicides were reported in Detroit. There’s been well over 1 homicide a day in NYC. The list just goes on and on. Thousands of American are shot and killed each and every year.

There is a point to the numbers listed above. They were all killed by people illegally in possession of the weapon, and for the most part an illegally obtained weapon. Drug dealers, gang members and criminals. Not any of the people that stricter gun laws will ever stop from obtaining a gun. And this is where the problem with stricter gun laws begin.

The approach seems a little backwards. Making something illegal for a law abiding citizen to own will not stop anyone from owning it illegally. That approach has never worked and it never will work. There are many examples of this type of misguided conduct failing. How many of you know someone or know of someone who is addicted to heroin? Here is a drug that is illegal to import, illegal to posses and illegal to use. And has been for many years. Yet all to many of us know someone who has become a victim of this drug. It’s something that is completely illegal, yet it is everywhere.

Now fill in the something in the above statement with the word gun. Do you honestly believe a stricter gun ban will take guns off the street? Do you honestly think that making it harder for someone to legally posses a gun that somehow all the bad people will stop having them? It will not. And it never has. The answer to most of this problem is not some feel good quick answer. It doesn’t rest in taking away the rights of honest Americans to purchase guns. It’s much more complicated than that. The answer is in the question you ask. Do you want to end the killing? Do you want to put an end to the violence? Do you want to be safe to walk the streets and go anywhere without the threat of bodily harm?

Taking away the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans will not bring anyone any closer to being safe. And it will not stop the violence in this country. Having tougher laws for those who use a weapon illegally would help. Giving the police or Federal Government more latitude in going after drug dealer and gang members would help. Declaring war on those people who make an honest persons life impossible to live, would be a good place to start. Instead of trying to infringe on the rights of good decent Americans , let take some of the rights away from those who are hell bent on causing problems. Instead of wasting time and money to fight one of the things that define us as Americans, why not put that money to good use. Lets declare a war on crime. Build more prisons and make it impossible for these people to exist in a normal society. Lets stop being confused about what we want. No one really wants to stop someone from owning a gun. But everyone wants to stop anyone from using a gun to commit a crime.