Veterans Day 2012

Posted on November 11, 2012


This is a shout out to all those who have served this country. To all of the men and women who throughout our history, were willing give their lives, to fight to preserve  the rights and freedoms we all enjoy today.

They serve with honor and courage and selfless duty. Asking for nothing ,but deserving everything we can give them. The next time you vote or speak your mind or write in your blog, the next time you tell someone it’s your right to say yes or no, think!  Freedom is not entitlement.  It comes at a cost. Many have fought and died so others can have the right to choose. Freedom does not come free. So today, find someone who has served and thank them. Say a prayer,  that those who are away now , come back safe. And pray for the day that we will no longer have to put America’s best in harms way.

Please take 4 minutes out of your life to watch two videos.