Republicans vs Democrats. Really ?

Posted on November 9, 2012


There has been a lot of talk since the President won his reelection bid. From one side it looks to that Americans want, in large numbers, a Government that works to provide them with a gift. The other side wants to instill values of working to earn what you have. Or so the story goes. But both side have a close enough story. One wants to keep getting elected and one wants to change so they can get elected. So now I ask myself where does that put me? Where do I go from here? Who exactly should I listen to?  And it hits me. Neither one of them, it strikes me that from the beginning they , both parties,have been feeding me a load of crap. Vote for me I stand for this! Vote your party, you want to back your own. I start to think, wait a minute, I hated being labeled as anything back in the day. I have a brain and I’m capable of thought. It also comes to me that i really don’t like being told what to think and I’m not pleasant when being told no. Now all confused I think, well what am I? What exactly is my label? And now I’m picking one. I’m just an American . And I know what I want and I know what is a waste of my time. And I’m really more than just a little tired of hearing the same nonsense and seeing nothing getting done. This much every person knows, you don’t do your job “you’re fired”. And right now I don’t care who’s party you represent. My new job is going to be looking out for the dead wood and cleaning shop.

Look at Congress. This group has done so little , that to say they’ve gotten nothing done is an insult to those who do nothing.The fiscal cliff. I am so tired of hearing about this I could just spit. I don’t want to argue about the fine points. But I will say this, you people were sent to Washington to do a job. If you can’t be presented with a problem and come up with some reasonable answer then maybe you don’t belong in Washington. I’m not agreeing to that, and I’m not going to talk about this, and I’m not going to entertain that. What are you all a bunch of 3rd graders? Find some common ground and work it out. Not a year from now or a month from now, but right now. Do your job or get out, because maybe the next can you see being kicked down the road ,could be yours. Everything takes forever to get done and when it is settled, it just get rehashed. I’m tired of nothing getting done. I want action. I want somebody in Washington to start to think about the good of the Country and not their party.

Roe v Wade 1973. Can someone please tell me why since that date, we have wasted time and money, tax dollars, on this? I remember all of it. Does any rational person want to go back to the days before that happened? Again , use your imagination or look it up. This is not to defend or condemn, but to try to make someone understand that it isn’t worth the time anymore. As strong as you feel against it being law, it will still be done by people. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. You can tell me your religion doesn’t allow it. You can tell me your politics don’t allow it. But in truth, this is a big country. Not everyone is a member of either your politics or religion. And I’ll tell you something else. If you really think that most politicians bring it up because they are so for it or against it, you’re dead wrong. It only has legs because it will get votes. Surprise! What you think you are hear and what is the reality from a politician are completely different. This is a very big issue, but in truth, would any rational society, would any sane person, really allow this procedure to go back to a seedy underworld and a dirty basement?

Now there is one other aspect to all of this. I don’t think it is anyones business but the people involved, it’s your choice. But I don’t believe that America as a whole should pay for your choice. This is personal and private decision someone is going to make, and that is all I can say about it. Again, maybe some of the bigger brained elite we send to Washington can work something out. Something that wouldn’t necessarily be the best solution for either party, but could be something that clear thinking people could agree on.

I want some common sense. I want sanity in what has become insane. I want reasonable solutions to problems and I want to move on. I’m tired of Washington. I’m tired of both parties. I’m tired of nothing ever getting done. And I swear, I’m not alone.