Presidents new Pamphlet

Posted on October 25, 2012


The President issued a new “Pamphlet” spelling out his next 4 years. One of the most interesting “new” ideas he has, is to cut spending and reduce the deficit. This is truly a great idea, because the guy in office for the last 4 years did an awful job at that. Sounds like ,Hope and Change. Wait a minute , I seem to be getting things confused here.

This is something I’m not at all confused about. If a President is running for reelection , we already know what he will do. It is what he has done for the last 4 years. This isn’t second grade and you don’t get a “do over”.  Your record in office should be more than enough to run on. You don’t need a fancy booklet to say anything about what you want to do. It should be a book about what you have done. And honestly, if you’ve done anything worthy of being reelected , you don’t need to make a “pamphlet”..