The President, Benghazi and the Facts

Posted on October 24, 2012


Six weeks have past since the attack in Benghazi that left 4 Americans dead. And everyday there is more and more information that is leaked. Everyday, there are more conversations about who said what and when they said it. Everyday , there is another story about what really happened. But at no time did the leader of this country feel it was important enough to speak to the American people in a one on one and put all the questions to rest. Not once did the President come before the people of this country and say anything to make us feel that he and the administration had a handle on the problem. Never once did he feel any need to calm everyone down and present himself as a leader who was working on this and would keep us all informed.

Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi. One of whom was our U.S. Ambassador to Libya. Where are the answers? We have Americans on the ground in other countries. What are you doing to provide security for them? Why is it taking more than 6 weeks to figure out what happened? Why does it take more than 6 weeks to figure out who is to blame? Why isn’t the fact that al Qaida groups are organizing in mass in this region enough to make a statement to the world , that this is not acceptable? Why did the this government remove security people, even after the British government removed all of their people from Libya?

Nothing about this event is more important than what happened to these 4 Americans in Libya. But a close second would have to be that a standing American President is not addressing the American public about what has happened and answering any and all questions being raised by this event. This blatant lack of leadership from my Commander in Chief is troubling to say the least. Why the leader of any country would want to sit back and allow leaks to run the news of such a tragic event is very puzzling. Whatever happens now will never bring those Americans back. But having someone to lead us all through this tragic moment in our history, is something we all deserve. Where are you , Mr. President? Why are you allowing this to fester into one of the most divisive issues in modern history?

My final thoughts are simply this. If a team of Navy Seals were dispatched to that compound and got all those men out, you would have never stopped talking about it or stopped taking the credit. But now your voice is silent. Instead of coming before Americans and putting everything into focus , you are strangely absent. A great leader never takes the credit and always shoulders all of the blame. That is just a fact..