Disenfranchising Americans

Posted on October 22, 2012


I would love for any who reads this to pass it along to anyone and everyone they know.  This is an article that appeared in Liberation.  It is one of the stories of how the United States is disenfranchising  voters.


Now aside from the not job group in the previous article that wants to give voting rights to anyone who happens to be in America, legally or not. This is a common thread with all of the talk about disenfranchising voters;

The policies include laws requiring voters show photo identification at the polls or prove their citizenship when registering, as well as efforts to remove people believed to be non-citizens from voting lists.

“These policies are a threat to Latino voters. We need to really organize and fight back,” said Penda Hair, the group’s co-director.

Advocacy groups like hers have opposed these policies, saying they impose a heavier burden on minorities like Latinos, who are more likely to live in poverty or lack the time or transportation required to get the documents they need. Voting list purges in Florida were discovered to have erroneously removed naturalized citizens from the voting rolls.

Now that we see some of the REAL problems, we can all decide what is going on. First of all, did you know without the proper papers you can’t rent a movie , register a car, board your dog in a kennel. But the line that struck me in this was the one where they actually say, ” They lack the time”. In 2008 this was a problem and now it’s a problem once again. So in the past 4 years these people , whoever they are, had absolutely no time to register to vote or obtain the proper ID? They had no time! How is it that they can find the time to talk to people about what they don’t have? Or have the time to find people who will defend there right to have no time? How do they have the time to inform anyone about the time they don’t have? I’m not being facetious.   I really do want to know how you had all this time to explain why and how you didn’t have time ?

Now the other part of this is pretty straight forward. To say that voter fraud would not be reduced by showing proof of who you are , is a flat out lie. My contention is quite the opposite of what is stated in both articles. Even if it stops one person that is more than enough for me , as an American citizen , to want to stop that fraudulent vote. In America we have the right to vote. And a duty to vote. It may just be the single most important thing we do as a country. Now I’ll agree that it was not always the case. BUT WE FIXED THAT.  Today if you are an American citizen , you have the right and the duty to vote. So is it really to much to ask , to find some time to register and provide a valid ID to cast that vote? 90% of the total population don’t think it is. 75% of legal hispanics don’t think it is. So what is the real agenda here. Is it really to protect Americans? or is it to make sure people who are not Americans can vote also?

Now to the cost of these high priced ID. This can really be split between the Government and the person. If you really could not afford an ID in 2008 and wanted to vote in 2012, you could have put one dime in a jar every week and you now could have paid for your ID and the transportation to get the ID. But it runs deeper than that. If you follow the article, you begin to think that poor people somehow are to stupid or scatterbrained to know what to do or locate any of the paperwork they need to get this done. Simply not true, they are poor, they’re not stupid. Most poor people I know have more common sense and are better equipped at dealing with life then most people I know. I find it more than just a little insulting that they are being portrayed as helpless and hapless people.

But if you want to insist they are to poor to pay for an ID, then I will say the fault lies with the State and Federal Governments. If we are talking about poor people then we are talking about people who are in need of some form of relief from the Government. So whether it be welfare , food stamps or medicaid or any other form of support, why hasn’t the Government issued a valid ID that is usable in the system they are in and to use for voting identification? I’m really on the side of common sense here. Every American should not only vote but should be able to vote. If some assistance needs to be given to provide an ID to make that happen, then it should. So why can’t we get some simple program to incorporate an ID valid to satisfy this minimum requirement? Find the solution to the small problem without destroying the whole process. It may not be the Government way but it is something very doable. And I’m sure this could have been do between 2008 and 2012 if the real problem was getting Americans to vote.