Posted on October 20, 2012


It is not humanly possible to stand behind the President on the attack in Benghazi. Their can be no question that mistakes were made before and after the events of 9/11. There is no question the attack that night was precipitated by a failure on the President’s part to understand the gravity of the situation on the ground in that region of the world.

In the 5 months prior  to the 9/11 attack, the consulate in Benghazi was attacked on two different occasions. At the very least Ambassador Stevens informed Washington about increasing security or how the region was becoming more hostile on at least 3 occasions. How it was very apparent that terrorist groups were infiltrating into the region. How in that same period, the British Ambassador was attacked which lead to the Brits abandoning the area as it had become no longer safe. Thanks to al-Qaeda being present in the area and growing. They sent their people home. With the rapidly approaching anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in the history of this country, we not only did not increase security, we actually removed entire security teams from the region.

So the question, why remove our security people sent there to protect Americans in the area, namely our Ambassador? Because as the State Department has testified to Congress in the aftermath , we were turning security over to the Libyans. The people who have  had a Government in place for months, not years, but literally months.

Contrary to common sense, and every other countries actions and, requests from our own people on the ground in Libya, we leave our people there with even less security then when they were attacked on two other occasions. We actually geared down our security after the British Ambassador is almost killed. And we completely ignore that the  10th anniversary of our worst day in history is rapidly approaching.

The President played a game of, catch me if you can, with the lives of every American over there, thinking , they love us and want us, and no one will ever attack us. A simple show of trust and faith in a newly formed Government that is on shaky ground at best, in one of the most volatile region’s of the world.

With reports from every intelligence agency in the free world, we had been told for months that al-Qaeda was beginning to have a strong influence in Libya.   Even the government of Libya was warning us about multiple al-Qaeda spin off groups that were coming into the region. Our own Ambassador wrote in his reports of seeing openly in public, militant flags (al-Qaeda) all over the region.

You can debate all you like about what was said and even when it was said. Both sides will say it enough times to make some of us believe it’s true, one way or the other. But make no mistake about what happened in Benghazi. Someone didn’t care enough to read the reports. Someone didn’t care enough to listen to the intelligence. Someone didn’t pick up a paper and see that the Brits were pulling out. Someone didn’t listen to his own people as they were being asked to leave. Someone didn’t think to ask what was going on. And someone didn’t think it was important to remember what happened 10 years ago.

If you won’t read.If you won’t listen. If you won’t remember. If you won’t ask. The least you can do is connect the dots.