Who’s The Racist

Posted on October 14, 2012


Stacy Dash endorses Mitt Romney and all hell breaks lose. She has been attacked by the Left and by people of her race because she has chosen to make her choice for President that is not in line with either of them. I guess it’s totally wrong that a person would exercise their right to free choice and pick a candidate that they want and vote for that person. But it goes way beyond that in this case. You see Stacy Dash is a black woman and because of that fact she has no choice. She must vote for the black candidate or she will be accused of turning against her own kind. She will be a trader to her race. And she will be subjected to public ridicule and name calling. The saddest part of what you have just read is that , it’s all true. She has been personally attacked by people who do not agree with her choice.

Electing someone to office in this country is a right and a duty. Something that should never be taken lightly. We owe it to ourselves and everyone who lives here to get the facts, make an educated choice and then make sure we cast our vote. But not for Stacy, she needs to vote based solely on the color of her skin.  The sheer thought of that is sickening. This is what 200 plus years of having the right to vote has been reduced to? The simple fact that she is voting for Romney is not the point at all. The point is that she has looked at both candidates and has made an educated decision. This is how the process works. We take time to get involved in what a person stands for and we pick our person and cast our vote. The ignorance and arrogance by people from famous actors to the man on the street is unnerving. But to base a decision as important as voting based on skin color, ethnicity or gender is to cast a vote directly to cause American to fail. I wonder if we all thought like this if some of the voices we have heard put Stacey down would even matter. What if we all thought like this? Lets say buying movie tickets or shopping or even going to dinner , should we all choose to just support our own race?

Here’s hoping that the next time Sam L, and the rest of that whole group speak, someone will call them all out for who and what they really are. However unfortunately, Sam and company have come to their choice, they have the right as Americans to cast that vote. What you do not have, is the right to, in writing, abuse anyone who does not agree with that point of view. You can always respectfully disagree, but just like you have the right to vote for whoever you want , for whatever misguided reason you have, so does anyone and everyone else in this country.

And personally, I’m glad that she did a little more that just look at a picture to figure out who she wanted to be President of the United States.

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