Joe Biden

Posted on October 13, 2012


During the debate the Vice-President said and did many things. One of which was to say that the White House knew nothing about a anyone asking for more security in Libya . Or anywhere else for that matter. I know it sounds possible, but the glaring question would have to , How? Do they live in a bubble? If they are not getting briefed then don’t they watch the news? Don’t they even ask how things are going with a new government in place in Libya? Or is it that they don’t even care. Didn’t they even think that on the anniversary of 9/11 they should make sure that all of our people in at risk countries were safe?

He also talked about how this Administration has put a big dent in terror groups. But it was those same terrorist groups that won again on 9/11 making the United States look unwilling or unable to stop them. He showed how this Administration, not only lacks an understanding of how the world of these terrorist groups work but also how unwilling to prepare to battle them they really are.  More importantly, in making his statement that He didn’t know about any request to increase security , he contradicted sworn testimony , given just one day prior to the debate. So the question has to be, you didn’t know or were not told about the Congressional Hearing also? It seems to anyone who is listening, this Administration knows absolutely nothing about anything that is going on right around them. When you conceder even the average person on the street wants to know all he can about why an Ambassador and 3 other Americans died in Libya, how is it possible that the White House is so disconnected from all of it?

The other troubling aspect of this whole mess is the statements coming from the White House. In a world of more questions then there are answers, and more conflicting reports from all parties that are involved, we have a confusing stance by the Administration;

Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said Romney was making good on a pledge to use an international crisis to win votes. “So Mitt Romney’s continued politicization of the events in Libya comes as no surprise,” she said.

The politicization of the events? How about just a concerned American who is looking for some answers. How about a person , like all of us, hearing a different answer from everyone who speaks about this topic? How about that it is now a month later and we still can’t hear a straight and direct answer from the President of the United States? This whole debacle  and the death of 4 Americans has been politicized right from the beginning. But not anyone else but the current Administration itself, no real answers, not even one story. And to pass blame to the other side on this is ridiculous.

What really happened? Who dropped the ball? Why didn’t they get the protection they asked for? Why did they all have to die? But after the fact, why couldn’t the people we trust to lead this country come together and have just one story that should have been given within days of this tragic event. And why is it that a month later we are all still looking for answers?