Voting Laws

Posted on October 3, 2012


A judge in Pennsylvania has just struct down yet another voter ID law. The argument is always the same. It puts the burden on the State to insure that a system is in place to make getting a picture ID is readily available for all citizens and that the cost is not restrictive.

If this isn’t the biggest load of crap anyone has ever heard , then I’m not sure what is. First of all we have had the same problems with this every election. The biggest coming 4 years ago in 2008 when law after law was challenged. And here starts the problem. Exactly how hard is it for anyone who lives in this country to get a legal form of ID that has a picture on it? Exactly how difficult is it for anyone who lives in America to go anywhere they need to go and get what they need to get? Start the questions anywhere you like and with any group you want to defend. The disabled , and I know about this group having parents who are, they go to doctors and they go to hospitals and they go for tests. So at absolutely no point can they go anywhere to have a picture taken and an ID made so they can vote? That just doesn’t seem logical.

Now as for the cost , which some have argued is just to high for some people to afford. At last check the average cost was under 15 dollars. Now even is you add in the cost of any transportation still doesn’t grow to all that much more. Think about this, if you put 10 cents in a jar and do it everyday for one year, you have now saved 36.50. So again, where is the logic? Add in the fact that if money is the key issue, then you would have to assume most of the people we are talking about are already on some form of assistance. Don’t they have to show some form of ID to receive these benefits?

But more important then all of this is the simple truth that in this great Country of ours we have the right to vote. How incredibly hard can it be for anyone to take some personal  responsibility and make sure on a personal level you have everything you need to have to cast your vote? And why does the entire system have to be corrupted by those who refuse to do the simplest thing?

For a great many things much less important then voting, people have to show some form of ID. We have all seen the examples, like renting a video. But voting for someone requires no such proof of who you are . How can it be possible we protect our DVD rentals better than we protect of own government?

The most important part of all, is the fact that in the 4 years some people, a very limited few by some accounts , are still hell bent on making the system cater to their own personal failures. No system, no matter how fair or how many laws are involved will ever be perfect. If people do not take personal responsibility for their part, no amount of laws will make it all work. If during the last Presidential election you were not allowed to vote because you did not have the proper ID, then it is up to you to make sure that does not happen again. It is not the responsibility of the government to bend the rules or weaken the entire voting system to allow your vote.

Any and all arguments for lowering the standards to vote in this country lack the basic common sense we were all born with.  There hasn’t been one case where someone should get an exception or one case where the law should have been relaxed to allow anyone to vote who can’t prove who they are by the simple standards we all live by. In a world that is changing more and more everyday, our right to vote, as an American , should be protected at all cost. The laws we have make perfect sense, one person , one vote. But making the same argument from 4 years ago is a bit disingenuous . What have all of you people been doing for the last 4 years? Why is it that the whole country can play by the same rules , but when it comes to a chosen few, the law needs to be changed and the standards need to be lowered ? And why in a country that is going broke, would we want to waste one dollar on something as stupid as prtecting those that refuse to work in the system and do anything to help themselves?