The Border

Posted on October 3, 2012


How many more border agents will it take to change the failed border policy set forth by this current Administration? What is the total amount of drugs that cross the Mexican border that will make someone see that there needs to be some change?  Will it take a true miracle or maybe just one sick person crossing the border causing a medical problem for a large group of Americans? This open border policy is a problem on every level. When will we take the position of being responsible and follow the law and apply some common sense?  When will enough be really enough?

The whole story line needs to change to protect Americans first and to help who ever we can second. How can any reasonable person think that allowing 10 good people to cross over into America illegally is also worth allowing unlimited amounts of drugs to also enter this country? How is it possible that anyone can think it’s a great idea to allow any amount of good people to enter when there can also be just that many bad people entering at the same time? Please note that wether the people are good or bad, no one in the government can track them or possibly know where they are at any given time. They cannot even know how many people are here. How many were sick when they got here or what they have brought with them in coming here.

Does a border policy like this one we have, sound responsible and reasonable to you? Does the FBI fact that says 90% of all the illegal drugs in this country ,enter through the Mexican border sound like something you would like to allow to continue? Does the fact that 50 plus thousand people have died in Mexico since 2006 ,as a direct result of drug wars, sound like something you would like to stop from happening in your neighborhood make any sense to you? And does the fact that whatever anyone will tell you, for every illegal that comes here, one more American will not get that job sound like a program you can support?

If not then stop being fooled by the Government and every Democrat in this country. The border needs to be closed and protected. There is no other way to say it. There is no amount of GOOD that crosses that border that can ever justify all the bad that we all have to live with that also enters this country.