Failure: Immigration Reform

Posted on September 21, 2012


The President has gone on record stating His biggest regret in his first term in office. One would think it would be not moving this economy forward at the pace he promised. You could even guess that the unemployed in this country has stayed at a number much higher than he promised it would be.  You might even think it would be that he had a better command of terror groups in the world. Or maybe that he couldn’t work with Congress like he promised to get things done in more bipartisan manner. Hell, you might also think he would have said his biggest failure was that His administration was not as open and transparent as he promised.

But you would be wrong on all of those things. His biggest failure in his first term was not getting a comprehensive immigration law passed. Really? 23 million Americans out of work or underemployed. Our embassies under attack all over the world. One Ambassador killed and open threats on others. More people on food stamps then ever before in the history of the country. Elected officials who can’t agree on anything or work together to get anything done. And Our leader who spends more time pointing fingers then he does working out our problems. A country that is now perceived  as so weak that foreign governments are telling us to change our constitution and limit our free speech. But then again, what would you think was going to happen after this Administration allowed the president of Mexico to speak before our congress to blame all of his countries problems on the USA.

One would think the biggest failure of this President would be something bigger than Immigration Reform. Actually , everyone would have to say the least important thing that hasn’t been done, looking at the state of this country today, is immigration reform.


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