Egypt Issues arrest Warrants

Posted on September 18, 2012


Everyone can argue all they want whether the making and posting of a video has caused the violence now going on in the world. But the last time I checked, I live in America. In this country people have the right of freedom of expression. I may not like or condone what you have to say. But in this country , We will defend your right to say it. It is a fundamental freedom we are afforded living here. 

So far to date I have seen very little outrage from any elected officials over the death and destruction of United States property. I have seen apologies , a total disregard for Our rights and cowering I am not fully comfortable with. I’m not sure when this all started but this current administration has truly brought it to a new high. Four Americans are dead. At this point, We owe not one person or group of people or country anything. What we need to be doing is putting our foot down and planting our other foot squarely up someone a__. 

And now arrest warrants have been issued by Egypt for Terry Jones and 7 others involved with making or promoting this film. Iran also wants the film makers to face justice.  They did move swiftly to issue these warrants. But so far not one arrest warrant has been issued for all or any of the protesters who killed 4 Americans. Not one warrant for those protestors who destroyed American property in these countries. Not one warrant for any responsible  for all the damage done in the streets of these countries. 

But even more telling, not one ounce of condemnation from Our Government over anything that has happened to this country. Not for the death of 4 Americans, not for the destruction of Our Consulates, not a word about how these people have been allowed to desecrate Our flag. Not a word from this Government or any other Government condemning the call to arms by many radical muslim groups against this country of ours and it’s representatives . 

No , not one word anywhere about any of this. But we still find in the news that Mitt Romney spoke out of turn. That is the outrage we cling to. Our foreign  policy moves over the last 3 years have Iraq burning American flags in the streets and Afghanistan soldiers and police killing Our military men stationed there. And now what will be next? We will turn these people over to stand trial because they have exercised their right to free speech? 

As for the 8 arrest warrants, I can say this. One of those involved does not have my respect nor is he a good man. He doesn’t deserve the paper that is wasted to write down in any form, what he has to say. But as an American I will defend his right to speak his mind to the death. This is one of the strongest held rights we all have living in this great country of ours. The right to free speech. No one will ever take away that Right from me or any other American. Not this Government , not any other Government, not anyone.  

Where was the strong response from this Administration the very minute the news hit about issuing these warrants? 

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