Lets Vote

Posted on March 12, 2012


Voting has been described  as many things in this country. A right, a privilege, a duty,  something all Americans cherish and hold close to their hearts as a sign to the world of the freedom this country fought hard for. We’ve made rules and passed laws to preserve that each and every vote gets cast and counted. A system we all need to protect to insure that the votes cast in any election are those of the people and by the people. Without those safeguards we are no better than some recent countries where within minutes of any election the words fraud and corrupt ring out as a new President holds his first press conference. 

And now we have the U.S. Justice Department flushing all the rules and the laws right down the toilet. Yes, this is about the law in Texas. How completely un american of those Texans to make you have an ID to vote. Why do we keep putting people out like that? Oh wait, maybe it’s because I’ve always had to show an ID to vote as an American. I’ve have to show an ID to do a lot of things as an American. Like buy cigarettes or alcohol or over the counter medication. So why is it that some people don’t have to show or have any form of ID? How do these people  get past all the check points I have to face everyday? And why is the Justice Department making such a ruling in the first place? Why not make the only fair and correct ruling? Don’t have the proper ID right now? You can’t vote! But if you somehow learn to play by the rules all Americans live by, you’ll be ready, willing and Eligible to vote. What a terrible thought , one set of rules and laws for everyone to live by. 

Can anyone please tell me why it’s so hard for these people to have some form of ID? Can someone please tell me why it doesn’t bother you that people will be able to vote without proper identification? Why do we have to all take one giant step backwards and allow some people to change how we do things? Not for the betterment of all the people but for the convenience of the few who will not follow the rules? 

And most importantly, why is the Justice Department getting involved with something that is so totally unjust to everyone who is a true American willing to make the effort to play by the rules? Can we all show up to vote this year and not show anyone proper ID? Or will that right be reserved for one small group while the rest of us have to abide by the rule of law?

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