Stand up for US…..

Posted on February 27, 2012


I haven’t written in some time. That doesn’t mean I’ve been sleeping. Watching everyday when some new event happens ,it’s hard to believe I’m not in some bad nightmare. But at some point enough is enough. 

We are coming to the end of yet another month of black history in this country. And although I’m not at all opposed to keeping someones heritage alive, it has always struck me odd that we single out people by race and promote what they have done. Unless I missed something along the way, we are all Americans. And yes many things have been accomplished by black americans, they are in fact Americans first. Having a country built on the premiss that all people are equal under the law seems to make absolutely no sense to single any group out and point out what they have accomplished. Giving anyone any more rights or any more of a break than everyone else is stupid and counter productive to building a country based in most part on equality. 

It’s very frustrating to think that in an entire lifetime nothing has changed. We are no closer to being one nation united under one flag now than we were in the 60’s. We fought together to end segregation only to find that every group of people in this country embraces segregation when it suits them and demands equality when they get what they want. 

It hasn’t worked and it never will work out. Their can only be one set of rules. One set of laws for all of us to live under. And until we see ourselves as just Americans we will continue on the road we are on. A country run by kings and queens we elect and who we beg for crumbs from. Unless we have all forgotten  this country was built on the goal that “WE THE PEOPLE” have the power, not who gets elected. 

I’m not picking on any one group of people in this country. I’m going after all of us. Until we can all come together and figure out that we all have the same common goals , we are destined to fail. Take the issue of the border to the South, people will have you believe that it should remain as is, open for all to cross. They band together and elect people who share or promise to share their goal to keep things the way they are. Or worse, to make it even easier to get across. Now ask yourself how having an unsecured border in any country is a benefit to that country? Good people will cross, that part is true. So will bad people, sick people, people who plan to do harm to this Nation and lets not forget all the drugs and illegal products that will also cross that border. This is something that should have never even gotten to the debate stage. This idea is bad for all Americans. It’s just bad policy for any Nation to want to have such a border. Yet a small group of people will lobby for it and some politician will cave to it so they can get elected. And why? Because we are not all together as a Nation under one flag making rules for all of us to live by. 

It’s way past the time to start to become who we are supposed to be. We are not African Americans, Hispanic Americans or Irish Americans. We are Americans who happen to be black , brown , white and every other color. We come from all places in the world and we are all different except we have one common cause that binds us all. We are Americans.  Whats good for one should be equally good for all of us. 

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