Federal Government Sues

Posted on November 1, 2011


Here we go again. No money for Social Security but there is always money for the Federal Government to sue a State over Immigration Laws.

Well, I for one have had just about enough of this. Here is the deal. The Fed is supposed to protect this Nation by making sure the borders are secure. Sounds so simple a child could understand it. But not the Federal Government. They seem to have a problem with this.

Besides the endless stream of people crossing the border, you also have drugs and guns and crime. You can also have the potential for terrorists. After all, if you have no idea who is crossing or when they cross or even how they get across, how can you possibly know who is crossing? Again this seems simple enough.  And again they don’t get it. But then again many people living in this country don’t get it or want to get it.

Take off your rose colored glasses and read the news. Billions of dollars in drugs have crossed the Mexican border in just the last few years. Not the total amount. This by one group dealing  with one cartel. The Federal Government couldn’t keep tabs on weapons in their own sting operation. How can they possibly keep track of people they don’t know,crossing whenever they want to.

And now in a bankrupt economy , we are going to spend more money suing a State than we will spend on protecting citizens of this country. How is that even possible? In a world where we now have to all watch for things that are out of place,a bag left on a train, we cannot ask someone if they are here illegally? One side of this argument will tell you that it’s just not fair or that it’s akin to profiling. The honest side to this argument is that we didn’t ask for all the rules to change after 911.

By not policing the border and letting people cross we also open the door to anything and everything to cross over the border. Do you want the drugs or the guns or the violent behavior we read about in Mexico to come to this country? I don’t think so. The only way to stop this from happening is to shut the border down. Stop anything and everything from crossing into this country. Make it known that it is and will continue to be the job of this Nation to do this.

And as for all the people here now, should you break the law, you should be singled out. I don’t care if it is a case by case measure. But you should be identified and you should be put into the system. If you have committed a felony you should be deported. Lets start to work out the bad ones from the good ones.

But the Federal Government in any way spending money to protect or support someone here illegally is now become insane. The Federal Government needs to do the one thing they are responsible for. That is again pretty simple, protect and defend the citizens of this country. Not waste time and money on citizens of other countries. And not on people who are illegally in this country.

Protect and defend those citizens that live here and are here legally. The total job of the Federal Government is as simple as that.