What will be cut

Posted on August 3, 2011


The committee of 6 or 12 or whatever number you would like is going to go and decide again what is best to cut from the budget. These cuts will in turn make everything better. Sounds like the end of long hard battle. But it’s not.

Why do we have to cut anything? Why can’t we for once just look at where the spending is going and just make sure it’s all on the up and up? Take medicare and medicaid, why would any reasonable person want to cut aid to seniors and children? Why would we want to cut aid to people who have qualified for assistance? In reality, funding for those people should be increased. At least to the level that they were receiving in the past. Why would anyone want to cut assistance to someone who is collecting welfare or receiving food stamps to help feed their children or to help them get back on their feet in very troubling times? That just doesn’t make sense to any reasonable person.

But something would make a lot of sense to every American and it is something we would all agree on right now. Why don’t we look into these programs and start to eliminate the waste and the fraud? Medicare/medicaid fraud is estimated to cost every taxpaying citizen over 60 billion dollars per year. This number has been reported to be as high as 90 billion dollars. In case you have missed that, 90 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Sounds like we could pay back a bill or two if we had that kind of money kicking around. God only knows the amount of money we could be saving if we really looked into welfare and food stamps.

We could all agree that the days of free money have come to an end. So lets start to look into programs we have in place and find out who doesn’t belong there or who is stealing from all of us. Lets look into some of rules that have been made and see if they really are necessary . Maybe the one about giving some of these people cell phones. That on has never made any sense to me. I work and when thing get tough I have had to shut down my phones and cable. They don’t work and get to keep theirs at my expense. It does sound crazy , doesn’t it? The truth is we can help people all we want, but we cannot do it in first class.

Whatever happened to the”workfare” program? I would be all for training people who are collecting and sending them back into the workforce. It really would cost less to do that. And for those that will object, then we would have the money to help even more people. Now that should satisfy even the left.

How about this one? Instead of cutting programs, why don’t we fix the tax loopholes in the tax code. That would surly please  the country over night. NO NEW TAXES. AND THE RICH WILL BE FORCED TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE. Does it get any simpler than that. Look at the money the Government would have then. Almost over night they could at the very least, plan on borrowing a whole lot less. I say maybe nothing.

Helping those that need help is a very big part of what this country is all about. But nowhere does it say we have to make your life completely free of any responsibility. I have known may people in my life who’s story sounds like this, it took me 9 years to get a 4 year degree. Had to work and go to night school and support my brothers and sisters and my mom. They got no help from anyone. Today we want to pay for school and pay for housing, and then give them money for books and to eat. I maybe wrong but how motivated is that person to really get an education? He gets to go to school as though mommy and daddy were rich at taxpayer expense. The same taxpayers that sent their own kids to school and had them find jobs to offset the cost.

Everything the government runs , it runs into the ground. Look at “Cash for Clunkers”. It’s all run like that program was. Americans got tax breaks and foreign companies make the profits. But not all Americans got a tax break. Most just got to see their tax dollars spent and got nothing to show for it. Well, further in debt is what we all got. I know more people who’s story sounds like this, “would have loved to trade in my clunker and upgrade my car but how do you pay for a car when you don’t have a job?” So all of those people watched tax dollars being spent on everyone with a job and enough money to get a new car. Everybody moved forward and we all got stuck with the bill. The best part was that 75% of the cars that were destroyed were in better shape than the one I owned. Another Government success story.

Welfare, Grant money, food stamps, any form of Government handout should come with strings attached. We have all seen the workplace change over the last few years. Work harder, get paid less and random drug testing. If a taxpaying citizen has to do it, then why not someone receiving taxpayer money?

The point here is simple. Congress will not find anything to cut that will not hurt all of us. And in the long term we will all be paying more and getting less. Forget the cuts. Focus on the real waste and problems. Go after the fraud. Make it harder to not pay your fair tax rate. And stop giving away unconditionally ,money that we have all worked hard to make.

Like most Americans I want to help those that need help. I can’t stress that enough. I want to make sure seniors have an easy time, without them we would not be here. But help is just that, help. If you need a car to get to work, I’ll help you get a used chevy. But I will not give you the keys to a new porsche .