Working for a living

Posted on July 31, 2011


If any of you ever worked for a company and had to explain how you went over budget and no real means of picking up the extra money, YOU’D BE FIRED. Simple as that. If you were being paid to do a job and at every opportunity presented to you, you ran it till the final hour, the final minute, YOU’D BE FIRED.

Name for me one person who could not get his job done on time as a rules, and still keep that job? Is their any job out there where a person in charge can run his company into the ground and then add more time and money to the final cost, only to make himself look like a hero? Lets put it in simple terms. I am in charge. I make the rules. I am in charge of the spending and I am in charge of the entire project. I have total control. Now without borrowing more money to move it along the project will not only fail, the company will shut down. And the kicker is , there is no way to cover the loan.

Do I still have a job on monday morning? Nowhere in the real world would I still have a job. So what is this magic job I’m speaking of. That’s right, Congress. Because not only did they just do this. They are still doing it. And we are sitting here praising our guy and condemning the other guy, while both guys are robbing us blind and not one of them is doing the job we sent them to do.

And now for the best part, they’re all going to take credit and get all the praise for a job well done. But the truth is they make the laws and the rules and they are the ones that vote all of it in or out. They control the game from the beginning to the end. So as you think about the extra money you all will owe. As you think about how much your children will have to pay for all of this debt. As you think to yourself , why did this happen and why did it take so long to get done? Think about this, they also cost you more hidden money than you will ever know. Every extra meeting , every extra vote,  every time they flew back home and came back to do nothing, it cost each and every one of us travel pay, guards,air conditioning , electricity, gas for cars. The list is endless. And all of that comes out of taxpayer dollars.

We are going broke in this country because the people we have elected to run this country are NOT doing their jobs and have no problem wasting more and more money to do what should have been done in a more timely manner.

This whole thing could have been settled in 2 days time. One meeting and one vote. All we had to do was tell this bunch of incompetent ass’s that till it gets settled they will not get paid. Find the right answer or no money and no benefits till it’s done.

This whole mess speaks volumes as to why there needs to be term limits and a big pay cut for all elected officials. Any one of us out in the real world would have lost our jobs long ago if we worked like this. It’s time to put it to a vote. Term limits, limit all campaign funding to the people only, put real limits on how much they can raise, and getting benefits for life is out.