The Debt

Posted on July 14, 2011


All the debt talk is now reached a new low. Even for Congress. There will be no labels put forth here. But name calling and questioning a persons metal health, or even if they have a right to be in the negotiations is about enough.

I have a plan that will make most Americans really happy and help pay down a whole of the debt. Tell this group of worthlessness that they will be asked to leave after this is done and don’t expect to get any retirement money or any severance pay. And while they are packing their personal stuff, tell them to start paying cobra till they find new work.

You have got to be kidding me. Lets raise taxes on the rich to pay down the debt. You can’t tax the rich , they make all the jobs. Both are bullshit. There are no jobs and they are not being taxed at a higher rate now. And the truth is no matter what rate they are taxed at, they never pay it anyway. THEY ALWAYS PAY LESS.  I’d tell them to sign up for Obama Care , but they have exempted themselves from that already.

This budget crisis is nothing new. It has been on the table for a very long time. Why did the elected ones wait till the very end to deal with it? Mainly because they don’t care and they are still looking to get something more out of it for themselves.

How about this, instead of spreading the lie that Social Security checks will not go out next month, how about you all explain how and why you have over the years raided the fund and have never put one dime back.

How about instead of pointing fingers, WE THE PEOPLE , make a stand and call for immediate term limits for both houses. You know if you’re only going to be there for a short while, you may be more inclined to make real things happen. You might even be more willing to stop the name calling and the finger pointing and work on some real problems in a timely fashion.

We really must be some of the dumbest people on the plant. Unemployment is still at an all time high, people are losing their homes, benefits are being cut and more and more people are running around with no insurance. But we still insist on spending tax dollars overseas. We keep writing those checks. We still think it’s a debate as to what should be done with the constant stream of illegals that enter this country and take advantage of all the benefits they receive. California has a 15 billion dollar budget gap, and an estimated  12 billion dollar a year payout to illegals, so what do we do? We cut legal taxpaying citizens benefits.

Why not this, people in this country are sliding down the slippery slope, Cut back all spending and throw us a life line. Spend that hard earned tax money you love to spread around the world, here. AFTER ALL IT IS OUR MONEY.  Help us out of the mess we are all in and get us all back working. Then you can do as you always do, tax the crap out of us and send it all anyplace you like. Who would care. We’d all be working.

Cutting spending does not seem to be really all that complicated. Don’t cut ours, cut theirs. Spend less and make it possible to take in more. How hard is this? And why should it even be a thought to cut any American out of our own money?