Justice for All

Posted on July 7, 2011


The biggest problem in America today is the incompetence of people put in charge of representing the State. And the people who allow them to continue to be there.

The Florida trial of Casey Anthony proves that point. The only person who could have done it has been found not guilty. And there is only two reasons for that. One, the Prosecutors Office is completely incompetent. And two, the jury pool in that state has to be made up of the most insane people in the entire world.

I know some “legal beagle” will tell me the system works. But the truth is they couldn’t convict the only person standing in a one man lineup, who had motive and opportunity.

The system has failed us all. Go to court and make any accusation you want, oh wait, you don’t even have to speak. Let your lawyer do it.

So no one KILLED little Caylee ! It was an accident. It was a coverup. It was because daddy touched me. No wait, it was my brother. OH wait, it was mom didn’t love me.

But not one of those things ever got in the way of a good tattoo or a good time.

Funny how that works.

A two year child dies and was tossed away like trash, and not one person on the jury thought anyone was responsible. One lie after another, from a nanny that didn’t exist to a nonexistent boyfriend and his car accident. And through it all, not one bit of grieving . But 12 members of a jury bought into even more lies and accusations.

We have completely lost the ability to reason things out, to see the big picture and most of all, to exercise any “common sense”. There is nothing funny about this. It is tragic on every level. And next, the rest of the weak minded will make her rich with a book deal or a movie.

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