Normal but not Right

Posted on June 20, 2011


NBC omits the words “under God” and “indivisible” from the Pledge of Allegiance on sunday during the U. S. Open. By most reports social media response was quick and harsh. And that was normal as it should be. But the apology was anything but right. Read it yourself.

“Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance that was in that feature was edited out. It was not done to upset anyone, and we’d like to apologize to those of you who were offended by it.”

It was not done to upset anyone? THEN WHY WAS IT DONE ! That would be the next question I’d like to have answered. Because it sounds to me like you did it so you wouldn’t offend a few , and didn’t care about the majority you did offend. Since when is it right to edit out something like that at your own discretion?

Did I miss that memo where I can say the Pledge of Allegiance and change it to whatever I want ? Then just offer a very lame apology  and just go on with my life as if nothing ever happened.

I have an idea, if the words that we use to Honor our Country are somehow offensive to you, then get the hell out of my Country. And while your at it, take all the signs with you that are written in any other language except ENGLISH.

This is how it all starts. A small group with a big mouths starts to chip and pick away at everything that is right and before you know it, WE become devisable.

NBC never once said why they took it out. That is the real story. Maybe a boycott of everything NBC is the way to go on this. If they can’t speak the words and PLedge Allegiance to this Great Nation maybe they don’t deserve the support of all of US who can and will.

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