Because It’s Important

Posted on June 18, 2011


I’ve just lost someone as important and special to me as anyone will ever be. I never meet him. I’ve never been close enough to touch him. But he has touched my life from the first time I heard him play his sax, to the last time I’ve seem him on stage. He was and will always be know as the “BIG MAN”. His name was Clarence Clemons. And he played saxophone for Bruce and the E Street Band.

He was larger than life and truly one of the good guys. From his towering presence on the stage to his laid back and lovable way he spoke in interviews. The love and respect of his fellow band members was obvious every time he would take center stage to play or join in and sing. And how the audience, the fans , loved him. As a member of that audience more times then I can count, I can tell you first hand that I am not alone in saying this. I WILL MISS YOU ” BIG MAN”.


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