Look How Far We’ve Come

Posted on June 7, 2011


In a few short years since the last Presidential election, look how things have changed.

Democrats and Republicans still can’t see eye to eye on anything.

Americans are still polarized along party lines.

We still can’t figure out how to stop ” illegals ” from entering the country.

The national debt has tripled.

Unemployment is still over 9%.

People who do have jobs now have to work more for less.

Big corporations still pay no taxes.

Corporate big wigs and CEO’s are making even bigger bonuses.

Wall street is still playing games and the rich are still making money.

The poor in this country have become even more poor.

And the middle class has joined the ranks of the poor.

Congress is still finding ways to spend every last dollar. And more.

It sounds like nothing has really changed. But it has. Congress is finding more ways to over spend your tax dollars on people who should not be here, on promoting freedom and the American dream over seas, On pork and no doubt, giving themselves a raise. All on the backs of people who can no longer rub two nickels together.

The biggest change has been that as Americans we have become stupid. Thats right. Stupid !!!! You want to see change? You want things to change? Start from the top. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS. No more health care for life. And no way do you get a pension.

After all, it was the way GM was handled. It should be a good roll model for the Federal Government. Less pay, less benefits and start to pay into the system if you want more.

As a worker in America today, I’m subjected to random drug testing. Lets start that for people who receive government subsidies. You need to be on welfare, then you are going to have to pass a drug test.

Lets do away with the insanity of printing documents in all different languages. We speak ENGLISH  in this country. If you came here from somewhere else, to be a citizen, you had to speak english. If you don’t speak it that well or you are confused, bring someone to help you. It’s not my responsibility to provide you with papers or a person to translate for you. IT’S YOURS. It worked pretty well for my Grandparents and everyone else’s.

And as for all those people here illegally. GET OUT !!! If I have to fight for anyone  I’ll fight for all the people from whatever country your from who are waiting on a list to come he LEGALLY.  By the fact that you’re here you have proven to me that you don’t care about the laws of this country and you really don’t care about the laws in your own country. Or care all that much about the people of your country.