Getting Hacked

Posted on June 6, 2011


A guy posts lewd photos of himself online and when he gets caught, LIES about the whole thing. In his denial he goes as far as to say that his account was hacked and he didn’t do it. In his eventual confession he tells the world he not only did it , but he has done it multiple times. And, and this is the big one, He has NO IDEA HOW OLD THE GIRLS ARE THAT HE HAS BEEN MAKING THESE POSTS TO.

If this guy wasn’t a democrat and a member of the house, HE’D BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY.

He goes on to say he will not resign from office. And he shouldn’t. He should be removed from office, as quickly and with the entire backing of Congress. There should not be one member voting against his immediate removal. This should not take weeks but days..

Any Member who does not call for his immediate expulsion should be dealt with at the poles. Get them out too.

This is OUR Congress. And anyone as morally bankrupt as he has proven himself to be should not be a member. This is not who I want to represent me.

If your even a little confused about the absolute anger, let me say it again, HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE AGES OF THE GIRLS HE WAS DOING THIS WITH.  That should say it all.

This is not the person you want living next door to you. Especially if you have kids. So how can this possibly be someone you want as a member of Congress? When will enough be enough? When we all put our collective foot down?

HE LIED, he was never HACKED. But if he stays, the American people will be the ones receiving the HACK JOB….

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